The Foundation for the Future (FFTF) is the most researched and, hence, most debated dairy policy plan being proposed to reform the nation's dairy policy. While other ideas and proposals exist, FFTF has been scored by Congressional Budget Office and is being prepared for legislation. In fact, National Milk Producers Federation's Jerry Kozak told those attending the 126th Annual Holstein Association USA annual meeting in Richmond, Va., that he expects that a bill will be introduced by mid-August. "We have assurances it (FFTF) will have discussion in Congress," he told Holstein breeders on June 24.

After Kozak's presentation, dairy producers asked some well-thought out questions:
• Will supply management ruin exports?
• Will we have more dairy imports?
• Will the insurance program be able to handle payments during long milk price downturns?
• How will higher-of pricing work with only two classes of milk?
• How can we ensure product standards and the identity of imported dairy products?

During the next two months, dairy producers can ask similar questions and many more about Foundation for the Future as the National Milk Producers Federation staff travels to 11 states to hold 12 meeting. Meeting dates are:

• July 12, Olympia, Wash.
• July 13, Visalia, Calif.
• July 18, Lubbock, Texas
• July 20, Alexandria, Minn.
• July 21, Dubuque, Iowa
• July 26, Lansing, Mich.
• July 27, Green Bay, Wis.
• July 28, Stevens Point, Wis.
• August 8, Harrisburg, Pa.
• August 10, Syracuse, N.Y.
• August 12, Ocala, Fla.
• August 22, Nashville, Tenn.

To attend a meeting, you must register with NMPF by visiting, email, or call (703) 243-6111.