Jan. 17 2022 08:00 AM

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The start of a new year is an opportune time to review the importance and impact of composite farm string sampling and then RE-Imagine how string sampling can further increase efficiency and profits.

Proven Solutions for Your Sampling Challenges

We know mastitis management in dairy cows and improving herd health are two significant challenges that can be effectively addressed with string sampling. String sampling using the QualiTru system is a proven, proactive measure to help prevent costly mastitis by regularly gathering data to monitor trends, allowing the dairy manager to act quickly to identify a pen with a high somatic cell count (SCC). Compared to individual cow testing, string sampling reduces the samples needed for testing. Studies show lowering SCC also leads to increased profits.

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RE-Imagine Sampling: Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) Management

BVD management requires a comprehensive program of vaccinations and monitoring. The disease typically spreads through contact with other recently infected or Persistently Infected (PI) animals shedding the virus. While a strong vaccination program will minimize transmission and allow containment of the virus, no vaccine is 100% effective. Continual exposure to the virus from one or more PI carriers may cause infection in vaccinated animals.

To identify acutely infectious cows or PI carriers within a herd, a test protocol to detect the BVD virus using milk from bulk tanks or string sampling is a cost-effective method for monitoring the health of your herd.

RE-Imagine Sampling: Nutrition

Using string sampling to manage feed rations and analyze pen performance gives you the power to fine-tune rations. Fatty acids such as de novo and preformed fatty acids give insight into rumen health and performance. Their levels have a direct impact on animal health and are the building blocks for milkfat, a key factor in determining payment. Typically, fatty acid testing is done on individual cow samples or bulk tank samples. String sampling for fatty acids allows veterinarians and nutritionists to sample more often and target specific pens of cows where the monitoring of rumen health is of greater importance.

The QualiTru system for string sampling is a proven and cost-effective method for monitoring milk quality and udder health in dairy herds. By RE-Imagining string sampling, we believe there are additional sampling applications that can increase your efficiency and profits. We encourage you to lower your SCC and have conversations with your veterinarian and nutritionist regarding BVD monitoring and nutrition. Then, you can partner with QualiTru! With almost 40 years of expertise in the dairy industry, we can provide solutions for your sampling challenges.

Have questions about string or aseptic and representative liquid sampling? Visit our website or contact Qualitru at 651-501-2337. Our experts love troubleshooting issues and using analytics to solve complex problems to provide customer-focused insight.

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