Nov. 18 2011 01:34 PM

In the Milk Production report released today by the USDA, milk production in the 23 major states is on the rise.

In the 23 major dairy states, milk production totals during October rolled in at 15.2 billion pounds. Compared to the same month in 2010, production was up 2.5 percent (0.4 billion pounds) from 14.8 billion pounds.

Approximately half of this 400-million-pound surge may be attributable to the rise in both cow numbers and production per cow compared to last year. October 2011 marked a 20-pound boost in milk per cow. Over the last 12 months, it rose from 1,767 pounds to 1,787 pounds per cow.

The number of milk cows in the 23 major states has also been on the rise. Compared to October 2010, cow numbers were up 111,000 head to 8.48 million from 8.37 million. October also boasted an elevated number of cows compared to September of this year, up 10,000 head.

Reported September production has been revised to reflect a 10-million-pound reduction from last month's preliminary production estimate. This is a 0.1 percent drop.

Production in the third quarter (July to September) was down slightly, 48.7 million pounds, from the second quarter (April to June), 50.4 million pounds. Compared to the same quarter in September 2010 production in the third quarter was up 1.3 percent.

Texas saw the greatest production gains in both September and October compared to a year before. September milk in Texas was up 10.1 percent, while October production rose 9.8 percent to 809 million pounds compared to 2010. Florida also saw gains with production rising this September and October 9.2 and 7.9 percent, respectively compared to last year.

Of the 23 selected states, Missouri saw the biggest declines, dropping 4.5 percent in September and 1.8 percent in October over the same months last year. Pennsylvania production also dropped over the past year 1.5 percent and 1.7 percent in September and October, respectively compared to last year.

In the 23 states, milk production in October 2011, compared to October 2010 rose 2.5 percent.

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