Nov. 23 2011 08:08 AM

Tomorrow is the day to educate family members about their food. You'll have a captive audience and a full table.

According to MSN, all but 5 percent of us will eat turkey tomorrow. While that number seems a little low (considering vegetarians and people who skip turkey for ham or other meats), it shows that many families will be feasting tomorrow.

This week, to help educate nonfarmer Americans, we're sharing videos on our Facebook page that we hope you share with your friends. One video was produced by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA). If you haven't heard of USFRA yet, we bet you will soon. The coalition includes representatives of nearly every agriculture component in the U.S. The National Milk Producers Federation is a member representing the dairy sector.

Their recent video features dairyman Dino Giacomazzi of California:

The video is part of a larger project called the Food Dialogues. While it's great that they're on the web, USFRA is going a step further and airing these videos on the Discovery Communications' networks (TLC, Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery Fit & Health, Identification Discovery, Planet Green, and Animal Planet) now through December 25.

But Food Dialogues wants your help. In the lower section of that page (, there is a place for you to add your input; Food Dialogues wants to hear what America's Farmers and Ranchers think consumers need to learn more about. Share your thoughts, and the view from your farm, and keep spreading the word.

As always, we encourage you to be vigilant. When you pass the butter for crescent rolls tomorrow, throw in that you wish you had two months off like your cows do (see more great facts in the video we shared yesterday from Merck Animal Health).