Dec. 20 2011 08:10 AM

    November total milk production was up 2.2 percent over 2010

    The dairy industry can be unpredictable at times, but the milk production trend from the major states is one of the most predictable, even at the month level. With genetic progress and new management techniques to increase production, gains are expected. Review this three-year chart of monthly production. Spot on, I'd say!

    2009-2011 Monthly milk production trends

    November's USDA milk production report was released yesterday.
    November 2011 milk production in the 23 states was 14.7 billion pounds, 2.2 percent above last November. The number of milk cows was the same as last month, but up over 100,000 cows over last November. And, true to tradition, November was down from last month, but on par with September. Expect gains for December production, but we are also adding an extra day in December.

    Other than the obvious national trends, we break down the states by their production levels.

    States that showed an increase when comparing this November's milk production with a year ago:
    • Arizona up 6.0 percent
    • California up 2.4 percent
    • Colorado up 4.7 percent
    • Florida up 6.6 percent
    • Idaho up 1.7 percent
    • Illinois up 2.0 percent
    • Indiana up 2.8 percent
    • Iowa up 1.7 percent
    • Kansas up 2.9 percent
    • Michigan up 3.9 percent
    • New Mexico up 6.3 percent
    • Oregon up 1.0 percent
    • Texas up 8.4 percent
    • Utah up 4.8 percent
    • Vermont up 1.0 percent
    • Washington up 4.4 percent
    • Wisconsin up 1.6 percent.
    Vermont is unchanged.

    States that declined in milk production from last November:
    • Minnesota -0.1 percent
    • Missouri -0.9 percent
    • New York -1.3 percent
    • Ohio -0.2 percent
    • Pennsylvania -2.0 percent
    • Virginia -0.7 percent
    Each month USDA releases monthly milk production reports. We report the data and provide the information on our website in our market section on the left side of our home page. Other reports include daily cheese, weekly cheese, weekly butter, mailbox prices, Class I mover, Class III, and Class IV. Visit for a quick link to them all. They are summarized in a chart with corresponding explanation.