Domino's is a friend of ours. Last year, the well-known delivery pizza chain launched and heavily promoted (with some help from the check-off) their American Legends pizza line which came with 30 percent more cheese. This year, the chain took an honest look at its longtime recipe for making pizzas and decided to do a revamp. They even publicized real comments from customers that compared their crust to cardboard and sauce to ketchup. Domino's new reformulated pizza included a re-do of the crust, sauce, and even cheese. The pizzas now come with 100 percent real mozzarella cheese flavored with just a hint of provolone . The sauce is kicked up with spicy red pepper, and the crust has a new garlic butter flavor. Jim Montel, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at DMI says that the new pizza utilizes 50 percent more cheese than the previous recipe.

Just this morning, USA Today is reporting a "historic leap" in sales for Domino's. In just four months, sales climbed 14.3 percent. The company's CEO J. Patrick Doyle says that jump ranks as one of the largest quarterly same-store sales jumps ever recorded by a fast-food chain - all this at a time when the pizza delivery business is taking a 3 percent hit from the recent recession. An impressive 28 percent of all cheese is consumed on pizza, and 43 percent of milk is used to make cheese. We're hoping this jump in sales equates to more cheese consumption - it should. From the sales end, Montel reports that after discussing with one of the country's major pizza cheese suppliers, in the fourth quarter of 2009, sales were up a remarkable 48 percent.