Elizabeth Moss and Corey GeigerOver 200 milking cows were evaluated by American Jersey Cattle Association appraisers, Elizabeth Moss and Shawn Styer, in mid-June 2013. At the end of the day, there were four new Excellent cows, bringing the total of Jerseys appraised at E-90% and above to seven.

The new Excellent cows include:

  • #183 CRK Ryker Serena Sidra E-91% (raised from VG-88%) in 5th lactation
    Sired by O.F. Advent Ryker-ET
  • #550 Kutz Maximum 5802 E-90 (raised from VG-83%) in 4th lactation
    Sired by Sunset Canyon Maximum-ET
  • #653 Ahlem Iotola Valentine 31508 E-90% (raised from VG-82%) in 3rd lactation
    Sired by SC Gold Dust Paramount Iotola-ET
  • #618 PR Kutz Maximus 7024 E-90% (raised from D-74%) in 3rd lactation
    Sired by Sunset Canyon Maximus-ET
The other Excellent cows include:
  • #638 Ahlem Lexington Dream 19996 E-91%
    Sired by Woodstock Lexington-ET
  • #697 Country Megastar E-90%
    Sired by BW Country-ET
  • #642 Ahlem Jacinto Grace 30208 E-90%
    Sired by Mason Lemvig Jacinto

There were 34 Very Good first lactation cows. The highlights included:

  • #3525 K&K Amity 3525 VG-87%
    Sired by Lyon Impuls Amity
  • #3543 K&K Campbell 3543 VG-86%
    Sired by Calamitys Action Campbell-ET
  • #1531 GR Dairyman Region Cuddles 1531 VG-85%
    Sired by Maacdairy Region-ET
  • #1554 Illini Region Sail 1554 VG-85%
    Sired by Maacdairy Region-ET

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