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March 24 2023
In recent years, research on pair-housing calves has helped the dairy community recognize that calves can benefit from socialization. Pair-housed calves grow as well as or even better than individually...
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March 23 2023
March is one of those months that is, plain and simple, unpredictable. The time change throws everyone off at the beginning of the month, and the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do
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March 22 2023
My simple answer to the question posed in the title is a resounding yes. Why? Because whether we like it or not, we’re in the business of selling a product
March 21 2023
Sometimes on the farm, I just need a bit of good news. For those of you who dairy or have in the past, you know what I mean. A little pick-me-up of good news just hits the spot
March 20 2023
Despite the several feet of snow that insist on remaining on the ground in some parts of the Midwest, the calendar says that March 20 is the first day of spring! Many hopeful things are on everyone’s...
March 17 2023
A strand of twine, an empty teat dip barrel, a lose piece of wire, a scrap of freestall neck rail, emptied mineral tubs, extra metal brackets, broken skid loader attachments, and so forth — these...
March 15 2023
The thought of creating a business plan for your farm can be daunting, but this document serves several important purposes. For starters, it may be required by a lender when applying for financing. It...
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March 14 2023
It’s meeting season. This is that tiny sliver of time when winter seems to have backed off enough to not be as big of a trouble (although this winter seems to be testing that, or maybe we are just...
March 13 2023
If the past year has taught me anything, it’s the importance of having options in the grocery store
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March 10 2023
Sports and the dairy industry go well together. Both require a dedicated work ethic and a commitment to something greater than yourself — for an athlete, that’s their team, and for a farmer,...
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March 9 2023
Ah, March: that one month that starts out cold, chilly, snowy, and mostly miserable, but typically turns sunny, windy, and bearable
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March 7 2023
Most days, 5:30 a.m. finds me at a local gym. The format is a group training session that lasts 45 minutes. It is efficient and leaves no time to chat
March 6 2023
I’m sure several farmers can recall a time when they have reached a point where the next step in trying to repair their equipment is taking it back to the dealer. I
March 3 2023
We’re gearing up for a very rare occasion on our farm — my mom and dad are taking multiple days off to go visit one of our relatives in Florida!
March 2 2023
Agricultural occupations have been dominated historically by men, but women are making their stamp on the industry. In the United States, 1.2 million producers are now female
March 1 2023
The strong work ethic reputation that farm kids carry most often comes from job responsibilities that began at a young age
Feb. 27 2023
During this school year, I have the pleasure of being an intern with Edge Dairy Cooperative, a group that is partnered with Minnesota Milk Producers Association
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Feb. 24 2023
If you’re involved in agriculture, the chances are high that you’ve seen FFA emblems around your community and over social media this week
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Feb. 23 2023
Does it ever irk anyone else when someone says, “You’re too young to be tired”?
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Feb. 22 2023
Pennsylvania dairy farmers dressed their calves to promote dairy