Nov. 25 2020
Let’s talk about fog really quick, shall we? In my hometown, we get some pretty impressive fog
Nov. 24 2020
The year 2020 has been quite the roller coaster ride. I’d say being dairy farmers who are used to ups and downs may have given us a little better handle on how to deal with this crazy year, but it...
Nov. 23 2020
TikTok is controversial, but one thing that it isn't lacking is attention, particularly from young consumers
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Nov. 20 2020
For many of us, the last Friday the 13th (back in March) was the last normal day we had, and the first day we realized how serious this pandemic really was
Nov. 19 2020
When my mother was sick and dying, my older sister, Cathy, did a lot to help take care of her
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Nov. 18 2020
We can all agree that the angry animal activists are the worst, right? They don’t just comment on one post and move on, they ask their friends to attack, too
Nov. 17 2020
In my last blog, I shared insights from the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s report from the virtual Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES) hosted during the summer
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Nov. 16 2020
Last week, as the North American International Livestock Expo in Louisville, Ky., finished up, it was easy to admire all the beautiful cows
Nov. 13 2020
It seems like everything I see, hear, or read about these days is building momentum toward the impending holiday season
Nov. 12 2020
We all know that politics is a sensitive subject. Once you say your opinion or post it online, you will have people that agree and people that disagree
Nov. 11 2020
Managing the why and not the people is the key differentiator between many businesses. Oftentimes, people have the opposite in place because it seems easier at first
Nov. 10 2020
Getting cows pregnant not only returns them to productivity quicker, the value of those calves can provide a significant revenue stream for the dairy
Nov. 9 2020
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a phrase we have all heard and can relate to
Nov. 6 2020
I grew up on a first-generation dairy farm, and some days, I hated it. I hated that sometimes the cows got out, and I was late to school because we had to put them away
Nov. 5 2020
I wrote this post on the eve of Election Day. I don't really want to talk about politics, and I'm not going to divulge who I plan to vote for. That is not the point
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Nov. 4 2020
Before you start drafting hate mail, stay with me on this. Farmers, in general, are some of the best people I know
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Nov. 3 2020
Today is Election Day. There will be excitement, disappointment, and maybe even some surprises, too. It’s going to be a long day
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Nov. 2 2020
All across the country, stitched into the landscape between population centers, is where we find what people like to call “rural America.”
Oct. 30 2020
Newborn calves are an everyday occurrence on our family’s farm. Each one has its own unique pedigree, birth story, personality, and set of quirks
Oct. 29 2020
What does your farm look like on Google? I've written about this before so you can understand how the farm looks to the rest of the world via your own farm website, social media, news articles, and so...