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Oct. 26 2021
Working with Mother Nature offers beauty as well as the challenges
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Oct. 25 2021
Sometimes it takes just one experience or one event to spark a young person’s interest in agriculture
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Oct. 22 2021
Five factors of environmental enrichment can be used on a dairy to bring out cattle’s natural behavior and help them cope with stressors
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Oct. 21 2021
These apps can help your dairy run more smoothly
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Oct. 20 2021
Being a farmer is just one part of our identities
Oct. 19 2021
Cows are herd animals and often don’t like to be separated by themselves, but at the same time, crowded cattle can’t reach their full potential
Oct. 15 2021
As dairy farmers, no matter how long we have been in this career, there are always mistakes we can learn from
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Oct. 14 2021
Perusing my grandparents’ 1960s farm journals tells the story of farming in a different time and details our family’s history
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Oct. 12 2021
A new perspective can be one of gratitude
Dr Barnes
Oct. 11 2021
Virginia Tech’s Michael Barnes passes away after a life of supporting young people
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Oct. 11 2021
The national dairy checkoff has sponsored College Aggies Online for several years, and I'm always impressed at how creative and driven the students are to learn and advocate for animal agriculture
Oct. 8 2021
By researching companies beforehand, effectively letting out your nerves, and showing appreciation to recruiters, the career fair can be much more manageable
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Oct. 7 2021
Harmful sounds can chip away at your hearing ability, but the damage is preventable
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Oct. 6 2021
Though we may run different kinds or sizes of farms, all farmers share the same interest and passion
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Oct. 5 2021
Whether you were in Madison or not, we are all in dairy together and it’s a cause for celebration
Sept. 24 2021
A dairy farmer’s daughter is the glue that holds together the family operation
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Sept. 23 2021
Keeping accurate, meaningful records teaches agricultural youth lifelong skills like responsibility and organization while setting them up for a successful future
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Sept. 22 2021
Days on the farm with people we know best can lead to some interesting conversations
Sept. 21 2021
Production livestock, including dairy, remains a topic of discussion at animal rights conferences
Sept. 20 2021
If you see cows, writing, and America’s Dairyland in your future, consider applying for the Hoard’s Dairyman editorial internship