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Sept. 23 2020
‘Tis that time of year again. Everyone’s on edge for obvious reasons; harvest is a pretty big deal. For a lot of the country, it seems like corn in 2020 will be better than it was 2019, and...
Sept. 22 2020
A major role of the Animal Agriculture Alliance is monitoring animal rights activist organizations
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Sept. 21 2020
Looking for a bit of good news lately? Here is something those of us in agriculture can be proud of: in a recent Gallup poll that asked American adults if they had a positive or negative perception of
Sept. 18 2020
One of my best friends told me she wanted the full farm experience, so I invited her to stay on our acreage and dive into farm life in abundant and not-so-glamorous ways
Sept. 17 2020
We have a Georgia public fishing area a mile from the farm. There they have an Environmental Education Center that does a phenomenal job teaching kids (and adults) about wetlands, wildlife, and the environment
Sept. 16 2020
A lot of people have asked me how I like home schooling my kids through this pandemic
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Sept. 15 2020
For the past week, our farm and family have found ourselves in the path of a wildfire. It’s one of those natural disaster situations you hope and pray you never have to deal with
Cox Abbie
Sept. 14 2020
Some students have known since kindergarten what they want to be when they grow up
Sept. 11 2020
Most of us have heard the popular statement that cows have best friends. While I’m not one to anthropomorphize, this is a fact that I have seen countless amounts of anecdotal evidence for
Sept. 10 2020
Dear K, Remember when you said you would never live on a dairy farm when you grew up? I'll end the suspense — you end up marrying a dairy farmer!
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Sept. 9 2020
I know you’ve heard it before: “‘So-and-so’ is a cow whisperer; they seem to know a cow is sick before the cow does!” If you’re the lucky recipient of such high praise,...
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Sept. 8 2020
As I clicked on the LinkedIn website the other day, the first image on my newsfeed was of two people I knew well: a Florida dairy farmer and his youngest daughter
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Sept. 7 2020
Milk on cereal, cream cheese on a bagel, butter on toast, and yogurt with its mix-ins and toppings all give breakfast the potential to be a very dairy-friendly occasion. We’ve heard for generations
Abby blog
Sept. 4 2020
I have two young children, and keeping them occupied and safe can feel like a full-time job in some situations. This gives me a whole new appreciation and admiration for all the farm moms out there who
Sept. 3 2020
Nearly every year we have had severe heat stress within our dry cow group. This happened for the most part because they were used to living life
tyler blog1
Sept. 2 2020
California is on fire once again, and the conversation of prevention is still being swept under the rug. How in the world can you allow your state to go up in flames every year so dramatically
Darleen blog
Sept. 1 2020
This summer has been anything but typical thanks to COVID-19. While we still have three weeks left of summer here in the West, I am already wondering
Aug. 31 2020
As you've probably seen, “Got Milk?” is back, and it has been showcased on national television outlets such as ESPN and on popular social media platforms, including TikTok
Aug. 28 2020
For the first time in many months, I’ve spent the last two weeks at home with my family. Normally, I am back at school by now, and aside from my normally abbreviated winter break, I don’t normally...
Aug. 27 2020
We started chopping corn silage this week, which provides a great opportunity for our farm kids to help and learn.Is it just me, or are all of the mothers out there feeling a tad overwhelmed