March 26 2018
One of my favorite Paul Harvey stories is "The Man and The Birds. If you don't know the story, definitely check it out
March 23 2018
I’ve always been a big fan of March Madness. Initially it was because of my interest in the sport of basketball and my propensity for cheering for my team — the K-State Wildcats
March 22 2018
Everyday, when I finally drag myself into the house, my wife will ask me how my day went
March 21 2018
Nurturing the next generation of dairy farmers is time well spent
March 20 2018
I had to take a deep breath these last couple of weeks. The state of our industry is no joke
March 19 2018
What will dairy look like in the future? It was that question that spurred dairy consultant Jack Britt to collaborate with a team of experts to examine dairying in the future
March 16 2018
A few weekends ago, I exhibited at the last local show of my junior show career
March 15 2018
I often have talked about stubborn farmers who make less than desirable patients. My late father never sought medical care
March 14 2018
By now, we’ve probably all heard the news of the most recent set of farms that received notices saying they would no longer have a milk market
March 12 2018
One Christmas I asked for and received a Rubik’s cube – the three-dimensional puzzle
March 9 2018
When you laugh, the whole body relaxes. Lyndy Phillips said that one minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours.
March 8 2018
My dad and I have been writing for the Hoard’s Dairyman blog together as a team for a while now
March 7 2018
Most days I can sit down and just crank out an article for you. But this time, I’m not going to lie, I have hit a block so hard I think it left a mark
March 6 2018
Across the country America’s dairy farmers are sitting down to kitchen tables and making tough choices
March 5 2018
Each spring baseball players and prospects display their skills in the hopes of making a major league roster
March 2 2018
Holstein USA’s Holstein America series showcases the passion dairy farmers have for their Holstein cattle
March 1 2018
So here is saluting you, Robert Morris Davidson, a man who I am blessed and honored to call both my father and my life coach. Today, we celebrate you by moving heifers as a family unit and coming inside...
Feb. 28 2018
We all know that February through April is widely known as meeting season for most farmers. The business of the holiday season is over, but we’re not yet able to get in the fields
Feb. 27 2018
A couple years ago, after we realized that the Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) wasn’t going to offer us any meaningful protection, we created our own self-funded insura
Feb. 26 2018
This is the 25th year that the National Mastitis Council’s National Dairy Quality Awards program has been recognizing the very best milk quality producing herds in the United States