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Feb. 14 2022
Small things can have a big meaning for those we care about
Feb. 11 2022
Whether you are a football fan or not, the biggest game of the year has some fun ties to dairy
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Feb. 10 2022
Constant changes in our weather make it more important for us to do what we can to keep our animals healthy
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Feb. 8 2022
They may not be glamorous, but we can share what we love about our roles in agriculture to attract others
Feb. 7 2022
School districts will have the option to continue serving low-fat flavored milk for the next few years, according to a USDA rule being announced today
Feb. 4 2022
Everything works smoother with our automated milking systems when we stay on schedule with our cleaning and maintenance
Feb. 3 2022
We’re happiest at home in our old farmhouse that is surrounded by cattle murmurs, country fields, and starlit skies, so it was the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal
Feb. 1 2022
Time for a vacation is difficult for farm families, but it pays off
Jan. 31 2022
Are you thinking about advocating more for dairy and dairy farming in 2022? That's great, and I highly encourage it
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Jan. 28 2022
The Hoard’s Dairyman Cow Judging Contest is open and waiting for entries
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Jan. 27 2022
Working with cows every day showcases many of their personality traits
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Jan. 26 2022
Here’s a short account of what depression really feels like so you can better support those around you
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Jan. 24 2022
The cold allows us to prepare for a new season ahead
Jan. 21 2022
The woods, minus 15°F temperatures, and calves on the run led to yet another unpredictable day as a dairy farmer
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Jan. 20 2022
They aren’t always perfect, but we know we can depend on our automated milking systems
Jan. 19 2022
When making decisions about which cows to keep and which ones to sell, don’t forget about the ones that have already paid back their rearing costs
Jan. 17 2022
Looking back at last year can help us protect agriculture from activists in the future
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Jan. 14 2022
The new year doesn’t have to be a time to limit ourselves. We can share what we have instead
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Jan. 13 2022
Some of the animals we work with show off strong personalities
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Jan. 12 2022
Milk’s nutrition and naturalness is what consumers need to know