Nov. 22 2023
Dairy animals need plenty of clean water as part of their balanced ration
Nov. 21 2023
This week truly kicks off the holiday season. It’s a season where holiday spirit comes in many forms. Often times, that spirit and true love is expressed through food
Nov. 17 2023
Seven life-size cow replicas painted like influential local cows can now be spotted around Fort Atkinson, Wis
Nov. 16 2023
Here are a few tips I’ve learned about discussing dairy farming
Nov. 14 2023
My maternal grandmother passed away on October 29, just a few weeks ago
Nov. 10 2023
One year ago, on November 5, I was getting married. When my husband and I set our wedding date long before that, we didn’t even think about it landing on the end of daylight savings time
Nov. 9 2023
A team at Dairy Management Inc. studies food trends and works with social media influencers and agencies with culinary expertise to keep dairy top of mind with a diverse consumer audience
Nov. 8 2023
Taking the time to recognize what we have can help us move through busy seasons
Nov. 7 2023
The dairy judging contest held at the North American International Livestock Exposition is the final contest of the year
Nov. 4 2023
New York teenagers win National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest
Nov. 3 2023
Florida FFA wins National FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management Contest
Nov. 3 2023
The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s recap of animal rights conferences in 2023 revealed certain tactics these groups plan to use to advance their agendas in the year ahead
Nov. 2 2023
“One more round” is what I kept telling myself all week last week as we were finishing our final cutting of hay
Oct. 26 2023
Sprouting cover crops and newborn calves remind us that the lifecycle continues year-round on the farm
Oct. 26 2023
Building trust with students and food service leaders helps secure dairy’s place on school menus
Oct. 25 2023
It wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin following college that I truly understood what it meant to try to farm in a place where winter seems to last from November to May
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Oct. 24 2023
My niece stopped by for a school project last week. They were talking about “big digit problems” in math and looking at real-life examples where lots of numbers come into play
10.20 image
Oct. 20 2023
This week, the U.S. dairy community took advantage of an opportunity it hadn’t had in three decades when the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) World Dairy Summit was held on American soil
10.19 image
Oct. 19 2023
Does anyone else have random things happen to your cows? Instead of the typical pneumonia, twisted stomach, or lameness, you have cows that just pop up with random illnesses or put themselves in places...
10.18 image
Oct. 18 2023
Guys, it’s October. Which basically means it’s Christmas, right? Do you know one of my favorite things about Christmas? I mean besides family being together, Christmas cookies, the music, and...