Sept. 13 2021
Prepare for a new year with the 2022 Hoard’s Dairyman calendar. The monthly images will fill your home, barn, or office with stunning farm scenes of the dairy industry around the country
April 14 2021
This narrative nonfiction collection of stories takes the reader back in time to the turn of the 20th century as a cast of characters builds farm life in pioneer America
Jan. 27 2021
Enjoy 15 issues of the most popular dairy publication! That is less than $1 per issue. If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift, just put the recipient's name and address in the comment section
Oct. 16 2020
This is a three year print only Hoard's Dairyman magazine subscription to a U.S. address
Oct. 16 2020
For Canadian subscribers. Access to 20 years of Hoard's Dairyman issues electronically. Early online access to the issue and no lost issues or international postal delays
Oct. 16 2020
For Canadian residents. Receive 15 issues full of the dairy industry's latest news, technology and management. $25.00 U.S. funds plus GST
Oct. 16 2020
Readers around the world can learn about the latest information in the dairy industry
Oct. 16 2020
Two years of Hoard's Dairyman
March 19 2020
The dairy farmer’s tools for managing their herd’s reproduction continue to advance, and this book will help you understand and utilize them
Dec. 5 2019
Bring home a piece of Christmas spirit with the December 2019 Hoard’s Dairyman cover featuring original artwork by Larry Schultz. Christmas Prints feature the image as an 8” x 10” giclee
Nov. 26 2019
ST. SAVIOUR: CAMEMBERT-STYLE CHEESE: Named for a small parish on the Isle of Guernsey, our St. Saviour delivers a rich, buttery flavor from a soft, creamy core inside a brilliant rind
Nov. 25 2019
Our Belaire, Port Salut (POR sa-LOO) -style variety is an exquisite, mild, and classic cheese that’s easy to eat and will quickly become one of your favorites
Nov. 22 2019
Yes, I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, and some purists may believe that it’s too early to be thinking about Santa and stockings, but I disagree
Nov. 18 2019
One case of pre-cut Belaire cheese, around 5 pounds of 6 oz pieces
Sept. 16 2019
Calf Care is an easy-to-read book includes best practices for calving, feeding, and housing young dairy animals
Sept. 4 2019
Preserving Old Barns is a wonderful resource for barn owners to assess, care for, and celebrate their special structures