Nov. 2 2020
Milkfat often gets the attention when talking about milk components, but a recent surge in the price of milk protein has given producers cause to look more closely at optimizing milk protein production
Oct. 29 2020
Supply and demand have been the story throughout 2020. More unknowns about reopening plans and federal spending continue to raise questions about dairy product demand into 2021
Oct. 12 2020
Just how much U.S. milk goes into U.S. dairy exports? A few readers posed that question after reading the October 10, 2020, Editorial Comment "Should we cull all the cows in Wisconsin?"
Oct. 8 2020
“The 2019 harvest season was hard on equipment and it was hard on people,” said Kevin Jarek, a University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension agent
Sept. 21 2020
“Dairy perishability will be as important as portability in the months and years ahead,” said Phil Plourd, president of Blimling and Associates Inc. and president of the services division of...
Sept. 21 2020
Global import demand was much stronger than expected in the second quarter of this year, and that extended into July with imports up an estimated 6.4% from last year
Aug. 31 2020
Although California and the Western U.S. are making headlines for excessively high temperatures and effects from fires such as smoke, dairy analysts don’t anticipate much loss on milk production
Aug. 10 2020
“You can’t save your way into making money, you have to make milk,” said Gordie Jones on the August 5 Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream
July 6 2020
Milk prices are high now, but they are not expected to last. What might a producer do to slow the financial impact of that fluctuation?
June 25 2020
What do you think is most responsible for current milk prices?• Reduced milk supply• Restaurant orders and filling up food pipelines• USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program
June 25 2020
This May’s milk production figures saw a 1.1% decline from May 2019 and were recognizably lower than April 2020. The cuts were made both in total production and production per cow
May 4 2020
How much has your dairy processing plant or co-op asked your dairy farm or your clients to cut back milk shipments?
May 4 2020
Discussion surrounding adjustments to on-farm milk production are ongoing as demand for dairy products continues to stumble due to the COVID-19 outbreak
April 13 2020
Nearly one month into the sweeping changes brought to the U.S. by the COVID-19 threat, the initial shock has worn off
March 16 2020
The world’s top milk production cow, Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918, is just one of the 450 registered Holsteins at her central Wisconsin dairy
Feb. 24 2020
Dairy supply management is a topic that evokes a lot of emotion
Jan. 6 2020
It’s true — 74 farms — just 3.16% of all dairies in the Central Federal Milk Marketing Order — produced half of all the milk shipped within that order this past October
Nov. 11 2019
Although final year-end milk production and dairy farm numbers are not yet in, 2019 predictably is shaping up to virtually zero growth in milk production
Nov. 8 2019
Many of you come from small dairy farms like I did. For some, family members make up the entire labor force that must complete the daily work associated with dairy farming
Oct. 14 2019
What separates the most successful dairy farmers from their peers? As one might guess, there are several factors