July 9 2018
The world’s milk production could climb by 35 percent, predicted researchers associated with the IFCN Dairy Research Centre. South Asia, anchored by India and Pakistan, could lead the way, expanding...
June 25 2018
Constant improvement — better genetics, more pregnancies, less disease . . . the list is endless
June 18 2018
“Sometimes we focus on yield and not what’s important,” Oak Point Agronomics’s Ev Thomas said when discussing the feeding of brown midrib (BMR) corn silage
May 21 2018
While it still stands on top of “Milk Mountain,” California only accounted for 18.47 percent of the nation’s milk flow last year
May 14 2018
First Grassland shed 75 dairies in the Upper Midwest last year
May 7 2018
In just five years, Class I milk sales have slid from 35.5 percent to 30 percent. That’s according to Federal Milk Marketing Order data that compares 2012 to 2017
May 7 2018
Michigan now has the highest milk production per cow in the country, and the state has doubled its milk production since 2000
April 23 2018
USDA and the University of Missouri’s Food & Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) conduct baseline projections each year for a number of agricultural sectors
April 23 2018
Not quite a year ago, the first dairy company said they would make the transition to selling dairy products that had been produced by cows that were fed feeds free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
April 19 2018
Caitlin and I have been writing our “Daddy and Daughter Dairy Together” blogs for Hoard’s for a while now
March 26 2018
Ordinarily we think that culling cows falls into two categories — involuntary and voluntary
March 12 2018
Extra milk production throughout the country again this spring means some milk cooperatives have introduced quotas for milk production
Feb. 12 2018
Falling cow numbers and easing milk production in California were one of the dairy industry’s big stories in 2017
Nov. 20 2017
Most folks in the dairy industry are aware, at least to some extent, that California became the No. 1 milk-producing state in 1994. It took over having the most cows in 1998
Nov. 15 2017
The California landscape has always been evolving but recently the change has expedited dramatically
Nov. 13 2017
My estimate for 2018 global milk production suggests another 9 million metric tons (MMT) of milk supply growth in 2018
July 3 2017
“In 1962, President Kennedy shared a vision that we would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade,” Jack Britt shared with those attending ADSA’s “The Dairy Cow in 50 Years”...