March 13 2023
Referring to dairy processing as a supply chain is much too simplistic, believes Chuck Turner. Instead, the word the fluid milk bottler thinks best describes the complexity of these operations is “matrix.”
March 9 2023
When it comes to milk production meeting the needs of citizens, 26 states fall short of even producing enough milk to fill beverage milk demand. Those states each produce less than 300 pounds of milk per...
March 6 2023
The 2022 milk production data is out. It tells the story of two dairy worlds
March 2 2023
While Idaho’s dairy industry remains healthy, dynamic, and growing, hard-charging Texas is growing so fast that it may soon overtake Idaho as the nation’s third-largest dairy state based on...
Feb. 27 2023
On a percentage basis, 6.4% of all U.S. dairy farms holding permits to sell milk left the business last year. That exit ranks sixth all-time since data tracking began on this statistic in 1992
Feb. 16 2023
For the past few weeks, we have been keeping our eye on one amazing cow that has far exceeded our production expectations
Sept. 30 2022
When it comes to milk quality, there are details I can see now that I couldn’t before we had our voluntary milking system
Sept. 16 2022
Milking in both our parlor and with the robots provided some benefits, but certain costs recently led us back to milking exclusively with one system
Sept. 6 2022
Being in sales can have a bad reputation, but I appreciate it as a chance to solve problems and provide value for customers
Aug. 29 2022
I don’t envy USDA statisticians. The U.S. produces billions of pounds of milk a month from over 9 million cows, and we expect the USDA to be able to tell us how much it is changing
Aug. 22 2022
If a dairy farm is a car running on the gasoline that is money, a growing heifer is a racecar driver with its foot to the pedal, using that gas up fast and furiously
Aug. 15 2022
The 140,000 head reduction in dairy cow numbers from May 2021 to January 2022 has rightly been cited as a major reason for weak milk production growth in recent months
July 25 2022
Lancaster County in Pennsylvania continues to be the lone county east of the Mississippi River that helps produce 25% of the nation’s milk
July 12 2022
Overseeing dairy manufacturing keeps my days variable and full
July 11 2022
This month marks a full year of declining U.S. milk production growth. Beginning last June . . . within the space of four months . . . production growth downshifted from 4.6% annual growth to nearly 1
July 8 2022
The real estate industry has a well known and accepted saying: Location, location, location. It means the value of a property depends on where it is located, and the price of comparable properties in
March 28 2022
U.S. milk production came in right at forecast for February, down 1% from last year. We’re often asked to interpret these reports as bullish or bearish, and this one is a tough call
March 28 2022
The herd at Neu-Hope Dairy near Bluffton, Ind., averages 94 pounds of milk per cow per day
March 24 2022
“Where does high production fit into our world, a world that requires sustainability for us to be able to keep going, to support what’s true, legal, and/or valid?”
March 14 2022
The question of where future milk production growth in the U.S. will occur has been frequently discussed over the years