May 17 2021
When added together across the globe, 99 percent of the world’s milk hails from 123 countries
April 15 2021
Many aspects of our dairy and ways of thinking have changed here at Hillcrest Farms since moving to a robotic milking system. The work is less physical and more mental
March 8 2021
The Lone Star State continued its meteoric flight path on milk production as its 360 dairy farms collectively produced nearly 1 billion pounds of new milk in back-to-back years
March 1 2021
Alright, I might live to regret the following article. U.S. milk production came in much lower than forecast for January
Feb. 25 2021
“We had 100,000 more cows year-over-year in December. That was the biggest year-over-year advance in some time,” shared Phil Plourd during USDA’s 97th Annual Agricultural Outlook Forum
Feb. 22 2021
It’s refreshing and optimistic to turn the calendar to a new year, but the ramifications of COVID-19 on dairy’s economic health are far from over
Feb. 8 2021
The dairy industry has always been dynamic. In the very early years of our country, we moved from farms supplying milk just outside the town limits to railroad shipments into the large cities by the 1800s
Feb. 1 2021
We started the pandemic thinking milk production would need to be cut somewhere between 3% to 10% to bring supply into alignment with the weaker demand
Jan. 21 2021
It’s January cold here in Georgia. No ice or snow, just that cuts-you-like-a-knife wind and rain
Jan. 12 2021
For most people, January is considered a fresh start. Belongings are often organized and purged to make room for the new, nutrition is top of mind after indulging in holiday treats, and many consider improving...
Jan. 4 2021
This article’s title seems appropriate when looking back at 2020. The numbers will show that 2020 was a record year for Idaho’s dairy industry, in both milk production and total milk receipts
Dec. 16 2020
I’m not going to lie to you: You haven’t been my favorite year. Just like every January, I had all the big expectations
Nov. 2 2020
Milkfat often gets the attention when talking about milk components, but a recent surge in the price of milk protein has given producers cause to look more closely at optimizing milk protein production
Oct. 29 2020
Supply and demand have been the story throughout 2020. More unknowns about reopening plans and federal spending continue to raise questions about dairy product demand into 2021
Oct. 12 2020
Just how much U.S. milk goes into U.S. dairy exports? A few readers posed that question after reading the October 10, 2020, Editorial Comment "Should we cull all the cows in Wisconsin?"
Oct. 8 2020
“The 2019 harvest season was hard on equipment and it was hard on people,” said Kevin Jarek, a University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension agent
Sept. 21 2020
“Dairy perishability will be as important as portability in the months and years ahead,” said Phil Plourd, president of Blimling and Associates Inc. and president of the services division of...
Sept. 21 2020
Global import demand was much stronger than expected in the second quarter of this year, and that extended into July with imports up an estimated 6.4% from last year
Aug. 31 2020
Although California and the Western U.S. are making headlines for excessively high temperatures and effects from fires such as smoke, dairy analysts don’t anticipate much loss on milk production