March 9 2020
New research has been all over the headlines recently for suggesting that children who drink whole milk are 39% less likely to be overweight than children who drink reduced fat or skim milk
Feb. 10 2020
Milk is milk. In some people’s minds, that is no longer the case
Dec. 30 2019
The long-standing relationship of milk and school lunches has put dairy in front of children for generations
Oct. 21 2019
We hear it over and over again, that fluid milk consumption is declining. This is true, but we should remember that milk remains a staple in most American households
Aug. 26 2019
When it comes to the breakfast table, beverage milk and breakfast cereal have been long hitched together as complementary food items
Aug. 20 2019
The same question has been raised time and again in conversations about the future of the dairy industry
Nov. 5 2018
“Milk prices are top of mind for dairy producers,” said Marilyn Hershey, a Pennsylvania dairy woman who is chair of the Dairy Management Inc. board of directors
Sept. 24 2018
A 2-pound drop in per capita dairy product consumption marks the first decline in domestic consumption since 2012 and 2013
Sept. 17 2018
Italy surrendered to the Allies in World War II. That historic world event took place in 1943 . . . 75 years ago
July 24 2017
In recent years, the discussion on selling milk from cows marked as A2A2 positive has seemed to skyrocket