Jan. 20 2022
They aren’t always perfect, but we know we can depend on our automated milking systems
Jan. 1 2022
Today’s milk case offers a variety of products differentiated by flavor, fat content, package size, and other characteristics that call out to consumers, but that’s not all
Dec. 20 2021
The global milk production forecast calls for minimal growth from New Zealand and the European Union, the world’s top two dairy export markets
Nov. 22 2021
“At $67 billion, dairy is the biggest category in the U.S. retail food business,” shared Paul Ziemnisky. However, in retail channels, dairy is more than products made from cow’s milk
Nov. 9 2021
Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Western Dairy Management Conference in Reno, Nev. Let me just say that it was amazing to be at an in-person conference
Nov. 8 2021
Class IV futures contracts have been trading higher on the CME when compared to Class III. Of course, Class IV tracks products such as dry milk powders and butter
Oct. 18 2021
With unsettled supply chains induced by shipping and trucking shortfalls both domestically and internationally, dairy price forecasts have become equally unsettled
Oct. 14 2021
Even though global milk production rose a collective 2.9% this past year, dairy demand kept pace with the growth
Sept. 30 2021
Milk pricing just may be one of the most complex topics in American agriculture
Sept. 2 2021
The combination of higher feed costs and falling milk prices induced the largest payments so far this year for USDA’s dairy insurance program
June 17 2021
Unprecedented large negative producer price differentials (PPDs) have bedeviled dairy producer’s milk checks over the past year
June 14 2021
State milk prices may finally be returning to normal following wild fluctuations due to the health pandemic
Feb. 25 2021
Having a steady market for your milk was not of much concern to dairy farmers until the growth of the last few years changed how we think about market access
Feb. 25 2021
“We had 100,000 more cows year-over-year in December. That was the biggest year-over-year advance in some time,” shared Phil Plourd during USDA’s 97th Annual Agricultural Outlook Forum
Jan. 18 2021
It wasn’t the year anyone predicted in the dairy industry, but according to University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mark Stephenson, in terms of milk price, 2020 was better than we thought
Jan. 14 2021
After riding the rocky waves of 2020, all in the dairy industry are hoping for smoother sailing in the year ahead when it comes to milk prices. But do agricultural economists see calmer waters in our future?
Jan. 4 2021
This article’s title seems appropriate when looking back at 2020. The numbers will show that 2020 was a record year for Idaho’s dairy industry, in both milk production and total milk receipts
Dec. 17 2020
While many unknowns remain regarding 2021 milk prices, there are a few factors with major impacts that we do know details about
Dec. 14 2020
During the last decade, the U.S. dairy industry has seen both butterfat prices and protein prices drive farm gate milk checks
Dec. 10 2020
Feeding for greater protein and fat levels to take advantage of high milk component prices has been a hot topic this year