Jan. 20 2020
Mark Stephenson, director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin, presented “The dairy situation and outlook for 2020” on Monday, January 13, at noon (Central time)
Jan. 20 2020
While we are not at $20 milk quite yet, a boost of over a buck is a step in the right direction. Mark Stephenson gave his predictions for the upcoming year in “The dairy situation and outlook for...
Jan. 6 2020
Global skim milk powder inventories begin this year at the lowest levels since the start of 2015
May 6 2019
Record milk prices from 2014 have been forgotten and have given way to the serious financial straits many dairy producers have found themselves in these days
April 12 2019
Mailbox milk prices for U.S. dairy farmers fell to the lowest levels in a decade with a $15.72 payout in 2018. That was down $1.59 from just one year earlier
Feb. 13 2019
Can I be real for a minute? Are milk prices really that bad? We’ve seen much lower prices and survived — anyone remember 2009?
Feb. 11 2019
Price data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the U.S. retail average price for a gallon of whole milk was below $3 for every month of 2018
Feb. 4 2019
University of Wisconsin’s Mark Stephenson forecasts that the 2019 Class III price will be up by 80 cents over last year
Jan. 28 2019
High on the list of reasons for weak farm milk prices . . . and it’s easy to make a case it is number one . . . is too many cows
Jan. 7 2019
The most recent USDA outlook calls for modest improvement in milk prices for 2019. Those same reports project higher milkfat and skim solids supplies for domestic consumers
Nov. 15 2018
We all know the last few years have been tough on us as dairy farmers. Every dairy, in every region, is sure they have had the hardest time of anyone
Nov. 5 2018
Even though William Shakespeare’s famous line, “Now is the winter of our discontent” was written in 1592, it sums up well where many U.S. dairy farmers probably find themselves in 2018
Sept. 3 2018
The financial revitalization that the dairy industry so gratefully welcomed in 2014 is just a distant memory in 2018
Aug. 14 2018
My oldest daughter, Monika, loves gymnastics. She has been swinging from and flipping around on the stall dividers in our barn since she was a toddler
June 18 2018
After losing $1.99 per hundredweight in 2017, New Mexico dairy farms lost another $1.18 per hundredweight in 2018, according to farm financial data gathered by Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
May 25 2018
A year has passed since Canada circled its collective domestic milk market wagons and deployed the Class 7 milk pricing strategy. Since then, Canadian and U.S. dairy interests have sparred in a h
May 7 2018
In just five years, Class I milk sales have slid from 35.5 percent to 30 percent. That’s according to Federal Milk Marketing Order data that compares 2012 to 2017
April 19 2018
Caitlin and I have been writing our “Daddy and Daughter Dairy Together” blogs for Hoard’s for a while now
April 9 2018
There are two great higher-learning opportunities via webinars taking place today, Monday, April 9 at noon Central Standard Time.
Feb. 27 2018
A couple years ago, after we realized that the Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) wasn’t going to offer us any meaningful protection, we created our own self-funded insura