Sept. 17 2020
Congress is in its last days before members head home for their final campaign sprints. High on the agenda is agreeing on a new coronavirus response package
Aug. 27 2020
The dairy industry was in turmoil this spring with dumped milk and bottomed-out prices. Dairy farmers’ second source of revenue — the beef market — wasn’t doing much better
Aug. 24 2020
It’s been nearly six months since COVID-19 shuttered schools across the country
Aug. 17 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic put quite a strain on labor across the country as employees contracted the disease or were forced to quarantine due to exposure to the virus.
Aug. 6 2020
The market volatility of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many farms to take a closer look at their financial statements and, in some cases, wish they would have done things differently
July 20 2020
After years of tight labor markets and difficulties in recruiting and retaining good employees, we now find ourselves with double-digit unemployment in just about every corner of the U.S
July 13 2020
Despite the global pandemic, “dairy remains a sales powerhouse.” That market analysis came from Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, on the July 9 DairyLivestream
July 13 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has brought to light a number of new consumer behaviors. Among them is an interesting trend that has emerged in purchasing decisions
July 13 2020
Coronavirus precautions have vastly changed workplaces for both dairy farmers and their employees, an important part of the nation’s critical infrastructure
July 13 2020
At the peak of the COVID-19 panic buying in March, weekly dairy sales were nearly half a billion dollars higher than they would have been during a regular week, said market researcher Anne-Marie Roerink
July 9 2020
COVID-19 brought to light a number of supply chain concerns around the world. Chief among them according to economist David Kohl was the cannibalization of industry via concentration
July 6 2020
Forecasting the future of the U.S. dairy industry has always been a difficult task due in part to the inelastic nature of the demand for dairy products
July 2 2020
Like so much this spring, COVID-19 is now wreaking havoc on summer and fall fairs and shows. Many have been forced to cancel
July 2 2020
The 2020 dairy cattle show season has become a sad state of affairs
July 2 2020
The global outlook now is not nearly as dire as it was at the height of the COVID-19 crisis
June 29 2020
As agriculturalists, we are well aware of the impacts COVID-19 has had on farm gate prices. As consumers, we have witnessed empty store shelves where products used to be and limits placed on certain items
June 25 2020
Where do you stand? This is a typical opening question I ask farmers when evaluating their dairies
June 25 2020
Many stores and restaurants have transformed the way they do business in light of COVID-19 to protect their customers and their employees
June 25 2020
“Employed people eat more pizza than unemployed people.” Or at least that is how I remember the quote
June 22 2020
COVID-19 shutdowns and regulations across the country have left childcare operations in a certain amount of flux. In some areas, they are operating at full capacity, others have capacity limits, and still...