Jan. 6 2022
Just as the rising input costs of inflation are making food production more difficult for farmers, consumers are also continuing to see rising prices as they fill their grocery carts
Feb. 15 2021
A tanker load of milk that comes up positive for antibiotic residue is a nightmare that every dairy farm takes steps to prevent
Aug. 10 2020
The end of July marked the halfway point in the allotted time period for the dispersal of $3 billion through the Farms to Families Food Box program that was instituted by the Coronavirus Food Assistance...
Aug. 3 2020
Many value-added processes happen to farm commodities before they reach the ultimate consumer
June 29 2020
The United States dairy industry has made great improvement in recent years in reducing antibiotic residues. In the past quarter century, the sector’s hard work has allowed it to cut milk truck residues...