Sept. 4 2023
Milk prices are finally on the rise, and some of that is thanks to what’s going on in beef markets. The USDA Cattle report that is released in January and July each year provides a snapshot of...
Aug. 17 2023
The value of U.S. dairy exports rose by 26% last year, following an 18% gain in 2021. Yet for the first half of 2023, dairy export value has slid by 10%, with double-digit percentage declines in butter...
Aug. 7 2023
New genetic evaluations for dairy animals will be released on Tuesday, August 8, by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB)
Aug. 7 2023
Financially, things are bad for U.S. dairy farmers. Dairy cow slaughter is up 5.8% year-to-date, and USDA numbers indicate the size of the milking herd fell 16,000 head between May and June
Aug. 3 2023
A healthy diet that includes whole-fat dairy is associated with less risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality no matter what region of the world a person lives in or their income level, concludes a...
July 18 2023
I have often felt there was an invisible wall between the beef and dairy industries, preventing them from communicating or learning from each other
July 17 2023
Roughly one-third of the food in the U.S. is wasted through the processing, retail, and consumer levels
July 13 2023
Dairy exports are an impressive story as the U.S. has grown by leaps and bounds, moving from a nonplayer three decades ago to exporting nearly 18% of our milk production via dairy products
July 10 2023
In the economic engine that is the U.S., 3% of America’s gross domestic product (GDP) is supported by the dairy industry, reports the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA)
July 5 2023
Growing up on a small family farm in rural Wisconsin, I have always been surrounded by the dairy industry.
June 19 2023
I have had the unique privilege of being able to raise and show both beef and dairy cattle
May 30 2023
The dairy checkoff is hoping consumers will be thirsty for a glass of milk after watching social media content depicting several ways milk remains a tried-and-true complement to a peanut butter sandwich,...
May 22 2023
It seems crazy how a four-legged animal can determine the direction of your life
April 13 2023
“It’s not my job.” Those words just make you cringe, right? I’m guilty, though. Growing up on the farm, I started working at a very young age feeding calves and running around,...
April 7 2023
If you have studied animal or dairy science in college in the last two decades, you may have had the opportunity to compete in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge
Feb. 13 2023
Promotional efforts supported by the national dairy checkoff earned two awards at a recent marketing competition
Jan. 18 2023
If health and wellness are among your goals for 2023, adding more milk and other dairy products to your diet may be the perfect fit
Nov. 25 2022
This Thanksgiving, I decided to highlight butter in a new, trendy way
Nov. 10 2022
Our wedding day was filled with little moments and details that honored our dairy farming roots
Aug. 17 2022
Whether they meant to or not, previous generations of women working in agriculture serve as role models for today’s dairy industry