Sept. 2 2021
After corn silage harvest, one huge job that has be completed promptly following chopping is covering piles and bunkers. This is a task that takes many hands and a lot of hard work
June 17 2021
In a panel discussion during the virtual Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference, two dairy nutritionist shared insight on how top-level herds maximize milk production
June 14 2021
Accurate results from forage testing begins with the you. For the sake of your animals, be sure to gather the most accurate sample
June 14 2021
The growing season for many started with a bang. Near ideal soil conditions and limited rain events have made for streamlined planting in many regions
June 7 2021
During the last couple of weeks, growing conditions have been getting drier than preferred for forages. Looking to the U.S. drought monitor, a great proportion of the western part of the country is extreme...
May 3 2021
Corn for silage will be planted soon, if not already, and harvested during the summer
April 19 2021
Every year before forage harvest begins, the questions come regarding quality or quantity of forage
Jan. 18 2021
Feed and forage testing opportunities have advanced significantly in recent years. For a comparatively small investment, one can obtain comprehensive information about forage that comprises a large part...
Nov. 15 2020
this year will go down in the annals of history as one for the ages. Indeed, 2020 had both immense challenges and immense opportunities . . . both are coming to light
Sept. 25 2020
For nearly every dairy farmer, corn silage harvest season is one of the most important periods of the entire year. As more and more farms transition toward rations high in corn silage, it becomes even
Aug. 17 2020
Corn silage is on the top of the mind for many dairy farmers right now. As such, three farmers shared what they’ve learned as they work to produce the best corn silage they can
Aug. 16 2020
A question you will often hear when discussing cattle nutrition is what level of production do you balance for? This question sets the stage for energy, fiber, and ingredient inclusion in the diet
June 22 2020
Forage polls conducted across the country provide a peek into this year’s feed outlook. The polls involve gathering data from a forage testing laboratory database and charting the results over time...
June 18 2020
Alfalfa production in the Upper Midwest the last several years has been incredibly difficult. In the fields, winterkill and wet soils frustrated harvests and left fields in poor condition. Part of two...
April 10 2020
Soils are the lifeblood of crop production, and healthy soils are critical to maximize forage and grain yields on the dairy farm
Feb. 24 2020
The 2019 forage growing and harvest season continues to be a hot topic as we near the end of the first quarter of 2020. In recent talks, we’ve discussed how 2019 may represent a new environmental...
Feb. 3 2020
The last several years of wet and warm conditions in dairy regions across the country have brought up the important conversation of forage hygiene
Dec. 23 2019
The “high-forage diet” has gained great momentum throughout the last decade as farms commit to growing more of their own feeds rather than purchasing them
Sept. 2 2019
If at all possible, dairy personnel putting up corn silage this fall should aim to store like forages with like forages
July 22 2019
We’ve fielded numerous support requests centering on managing through an unprecedented wet spring and summer from the High Plains through the Northeast