March 25 2024
A recent discussion led to one of those questions that always makes me cringe a little: “What’s the number one thing I can do for my forage program in 2024?”
Dec. 27 2023
Most readers might wonder how this links to our laboratory forage analyses. Believe it or not, this analogy can help us understand the empirical methods of forage analysis
Nov. 27 2023
Hay stocks were at near-record lows as of May 1 of this year. In October, USDA forecast that 2023 alfalfa hay production would be up about 1% from last year and grass hay up 0.8%
July 13 2023
Alternative forage and emergency forage are two terms often used to describe annual forages that may fill a need in a forage program
March 15 2023
On our silage bunkers, we bolt 2-foot pieces of 1” by 4” boards using concrete anchors every 12 feet to hold down the vapor barrier plastic. This way, the wind can’t get a hold of it,...
Nov. 14 2022
Mike Rankin, Hay & Forage Grower and Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois, will discuss feed quality lab results, ration costs, and by-product options
Aug. 15 2022
It will come to no one’s surprise that corn silage production is a costly endeavor. For a point of reference, a dairy milking around 500 cows will have invested about $250,000 in corn silage
Aug. 11 2022
Corn silage harvest is here for some farms and just around the corner for many others
Aug. 10 2022
Forages are the foundation of a strong dairy feeding program, and if utilized correctly, alternative forages can provide flexibility and high-quality feed
July 8 2022
Crop protection often refers to the field and to agronomy. In agronomy, crop protection can take different forms, including insecticides or fungicides, with both aiming to maintain plant health when c
July 7 2022
Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information provided by your forage analysis report? Interpreting these reports can be complex and tedious
April 7 2022
This year’s planting season is setting up to be an expensive one, considering the skyrocketing prices for fuel and fertilizer
Feb. 9 2022
Right now, you are likely experiencing sticker shock from looking at nitrogen fertilizer prices in late 2021 compared to the prior year
Jan. 31 2022
Have you heard about the use of alternative forages for dairy cattle? Recently, I had been invited to share some of the findings of our research program on forage quality and management
Jan. 14 2022
Alfalfa is known for its high nutritional value, and that makes it a valued forage source. However, alfalfa is often hindered nutritionally because of the indigestible lignin components
Dec. 9 2021
From drought in the West to rain in the Northeast, the 2021 crop year created challenges for farmers across the country
Nov. 11 2021
For anyone purchasing hay to feed livestock, it comes as no surprise that hay prices are on an upward trajectory
Sept. 2 2021
After corn silage harvest, one huge job that has be completed promptly following chopping is covering piles and bunkers. This is a task that takes many hands and a lot of hard work
June 17 2021
In a panel discussion during the virtual Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference, two dairy nutritionist shared insight on how top-level herds maximize milk production