June 6 2023
In case you haven’t heard or remembered by now, it’s June Dairy Month!
June 2 2023
It’s the most wonderful month of the year!
May 30 2023
The dairy checkoff is hoping consumers will be thirsty for a glass of milk after watching social media content depicting several ways milk remains a tried-and-true complement to a peanut butter sandwich,...
May 9 2023
Who could have predicted that playing video games would become a global billion-dollar industry? And yet, here we are
May 4 2023
When I was growing up, it seemed as if we kept our stories to ourselves. Social media wasn’t a big deal when I was younger, so I didn’t really tell folks what all went on in my daily life
April 24 2023
As anyone who has trucked cattle can relate to, moving animals is not always the easiest task
April 21 2023
Following a lifestyle that includes making decisions that are good for the planet continues to grow in importance to many consumers, especially those that fall in the demographic of Gen Z
April 17 2023
When the United States Championship Cheese Contest announced its 2023 Top 20 cheeses in February, nine of the finalists were from the Badger State. That’s impressive, but no surprise, considering...
April 12 2023
What’s the saying . . . don’t let a good crisis go to waste? Unfortunately, crises happen in the dairy industry more than we’d like, and we learn something from each and every one
April 3 2023
In my early training as a dairy advocate, I was told to focus on the most interesting and important facts about the dairy industry
March 27 2023
“Global opportunities are now an integral part of our business,” shared Randy Mooney during the chairman’s address at the 25th Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) annual meeting on March 21,...
March 27 2023
When asked which platform is best to reach today’s consumer, there’s one that shows up prominently in Google searches and social media: YouTube. Why is that?
March 9 2023
A two-day seminar was held recently at a California college titled “Coffee, Tea, and Creamers: The Science and Art of Milk in Beverages.”
Feb. 27 2023
During this school year, I have the pleasure of being an intern with Edge Dairy Cooperative, a group that is partnered with Minnesota Milk Producers Association
Feb. 13 2023
Promotional efforts supported by the national dairy checkoff earned two awards at a recent marketing competition
Jan. 24 2023
The 93rd Hoard’s Dairyman Cow Judging Contest is ready for your entries
Jan. 23 2023
California dairy farmers face their own kinds of struggles, and I’m glad I learned more about their style!
Jan. 18 2023
If health and wellness are among your goals for 2023, adding more milk and other dairy products to your diet may be the perfect fit
Jan. 16 2023
As the “Your Dairy Checkoff” podcast starts its third year featuring farmer hosts, dairy industry guests, and in-depth conversations about dairy products and farming promotion, we want to thank