Oct. 5 2021
Whether you were in Madison or not, we are all in dairy together and it’s a cause for celebration
Sept. 21 2021
Production livestock, including dairy, remains a topic of discussion at animal rights conferences
Sept. 13 2021
Make your social media posts pop using videos by following these 10 tips for creating videos with your phone
Sept. 10 2021
Iowa State University’s Dairy Science Club teaches fairgoers how to hand milk a cow, teaching them the basics of the dairy industry
Sept. 9 2021
Outside vendors can add a bit of excitement and encourage visitors to experience dairy production on your farm
Aug. 24 2021
This year’s Dane County Breakfast on the Farm treated visitors to a modern view of dairy farming
June 15 2021
Resiliency in the face of a global pandemic gives us extra reasons to honor and promote the dairy industry this year
May 31 2021
Far too often, I hear that social media is the key to communicating with consumers. Time after time, I have been instructed to post more about life on the dairy farm
May 27 2021
Time seemed to be traveling at a weird speed through this past pandemic year. Yet, somehow, we are already in the last week of May
May 27 2021
Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) is fueling up for National Dairy Month by taking an intense look at reaching the next generation of consumers, Gen Z
May 27 2021
Value-added dairy operations aren’t for the faint of heart, according to Mountain Fresh Creamery’s Jen Glover
May 26 2021
National Dairy Month is always a time of pride for dairy farmers and the industry as a whole
May 20 2021
It’s been beneficial for many dairy producers that, at the same time more farms are looking to process their own milk and sell dairy products, a growing number of consumers are interested in locally...
May 6 2021
Earlier this spring my son, a junior in high school, started a new job on a farm not too far from our home
April 30 2021
It’s dairy banquet season, at least in Iowa. It’s the season where dairy producers and supporters come together to honor outstanding farming families, recognize friends of the industry
April 25 2021
Their concerns with dairy milk confirm the industry’s challenge for fluid milk, and the results suggest focusing on messaging about milk processing, environmental initiatives, and health benefits...
April 19 2021
If you use social media to promote your farm, are you making yourself a target for activists?
April 19 2021
Did you know that May is American Cheese Month? The American Cheese Society designates May to recognize the quality and diversity of American cheeses while supporting and promoting great cheese, local...
April 15 2021
Innovation and research are two of the most important keys to future success of dairy sales. As such, the industry invests heavily in research and development to secure markets of the future
April 5 2021
The national dairy farmer checkoff was established to grow demand for milk, cheese, and other dairy foods and ingredients through research and promotion