Here are a few 2012 Handy Hints from fellow readers.

Handy Hint January 10 Quick-attach feed pusher
Handy Hint January 25 No more spilled milk
Handy Hint February 10 Improved whey coverage
Handy Hint February 25 Dry erase hutch map
Handy Hint March 10 Use curtain strapping in front of stalls
Handy Hint March 25 Silage roll-up
Handy Hint April 10 Portable Electric Panel
Handy Hint April 25 Alarm rings when water pressure is too low
Handy Hint May 10 Steel pieces improve palpation rail
Handy Hint May 25 Polish seals marker
Handy Hint June Rotary feed pusher keeps feeding safe
Handy Hint July Gravity-flow disinfecting hose
Handy Hint August 10 Counter replaces silage scale
Handy Hint August 25 Jetter cups change bulbs
Handy Hint September 10 Move six calves at once
Handy Hint September 25 Vapor lock saves feed
Handy Hint October 10 Tote Bag Unloaded
Handy Hint October 25 Caps Identify Colostrum Quality
Handy Hint November Water hydrant won't freeze
Handy Hint December Springs keep buckets in place

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