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Those promoting vegan agendas have spent a great deal of time, energy and resources trying to closely emulate the qualities of animal-based food products. The latest project reported by the green-leaning Modern Farmer takes the cake. Two groups are trying to justify using GMOs in culturing "Vegan Cheese" while not using GMO-based plants as core ingredients in manufacturing that cheese. How would you like to be the person who justified that set of circumstances?

Modern Farmer reports that two California groups, Counter Culture Labs and BioCurious, are attempting to take synthesized yeast milk protein DNA and place it into bakers' yeast cells. In doing so, they hope the newly created yeast will begin to produce a milk-like protein substance. Click here for the full article.

Here's the quandary: "As for GMOs, the researchers say that although the yeast itself is genetically modified, the milk protein is separated from any GMOs before it is made into cheese and eaten." At least that's how these creative cats look at it in the Modern Farmer report.

Time will only tell if a vegan cheese can actually be created and gain any market momentum. There were a number of attempts to make nondairy cheese in the 1980s. Those efforts did not go anywhere.

If it does get created, vegans will have to wrestle with this question - "What is the bigger evil, animal-based foods or GMO-created cultures to create vegan cheese?"

Now there's a quandary.

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