The author is a past managing editor. His degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison combined dairy science and agricultural economics.
July 27 2023
World dairy trade could grow 11% over the next decade. If that comes to fruition, countries around the world would trade an additional 14.2 million metric tons of dairy products
July 24 2023
These days, some 1,000 artisanal and farmstead cheesemakers can be found from coast to coast
July 20 2023
How do you ensure the freshest possible dairy products halfway around the world?
July 17 2023
How do you create connections with dairy customers halfway around the world?
July 13 2023
Dairy exports are an impressive story as the U.S. has grown by leaps and bounds, moving from a nonplayer three decades ago to exporting nearly 18% of our milk production via dairy products
July 12 2023
Consumers crave connection. So, how do you create that connection? Build a game-changing innovation center halfway around the world, find some of the best people to run it, and ultimately, create synergy...
July 10 2023
Multiple media outlets shared stories last week that truckloads of fresh farm milk are dumped into Milwaukee’s sewerage system
July 6 2023
Whether you’re milking cows in the U.S. or New Zealand, milk prices are sliding in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. In the world’s largest dairy exporting country, New Zealand, the...
July 6 2023
Pork features were twice as frequent on restaurant menus while beef entrees took second billing due to sky-high prices this July 4th weekend
June 29 2023
Parmesan. It’s a cheese that consumers the world over have come to appreciate for its gritty texture and fruity and nutty taste nodes
June 26 2023
When consumers spend $1 on dairy products, dairy farmers receive 36 cents of that dollar. That’s according to the latest research by USDA’s Economic Research Service
June 22 2023
The State Senate, the State Assembly, and the State Governor all agreed — Wisconsin’s rural roads need additional funding
June 19 2023
Those in dairy circles have long known that the dairy cow has a unique ability to convert forages into nutritious milk
June 15 2023
Two mainstay farm animals have far different value propositions these days
Export web No. 1
June 12 2023
Consumers crave connection. How do you create that connection? Build a center halfway around the world, find some of the best people to run it, and ultimately develop synergy between the U.S. and customers...
1-Lead-USDEC Singapore
June 8 2023
It’s often said, “Seeing is believing.” To that end, a delegation of U.S. dairy farmers from nine states saw, for the first time, the U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence in action
June 5 2023
Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMO) may eventually get a hearing day later this summer
June 1 2023
The latest dairy legislation news from Washington D.C
June 1 2023
While the amount of U.S. milk flowing through Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMO) climbed to the highest level since the days when California joined the system, fluid milk movement moved to an all-time...
May 29 2023
In a unanimous Supreme Court ruling, the justices on the highest court in the land agreed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overstepped its authority in threatening penalties of $40,000 per...