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June 27 2022
“Manufacturers don’t actually know what they will have to pay for your milk until federal orders deliver the monthly announcement of prices,” wrote Mark Stephenson
June 23 2022
Lolly Lesher testifyingPreparations have begun on a new farm bill and that’s the reason the House Agriculture Committee met on Wednesday, June 22, at the Longworth House Office Building. Presiding...
June 20 2022
Since selling for a historic $1.925 million on Saturday, June 11, the internet has been a buzz regarding the Holstein cow S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET. Often social media questions center on
June 16 2022
Despite historic butterfat production from the nation’s dairy herd, full-fat dairy products continue to have red-hot demand as spot butter prices hover near $3 per pound on the CME. Consider this,...
June 13 2022
The amount of U.S. milk moving through the Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) system fell to a six-year low in 2021 at 61%
June 9 2022
Synchronization programs have vastly improved dairy cattle reproduction since their introduction in the mid-1990s
June 8 2022
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the June 2022 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
June 7 2022
Eat butter. That declaration appeared on the cover of the June 23, 2014, edition of Time magazine. By the time that bold statement appeared, the “Fat is back” revolution was well underway
June 6 2022
This May, the four Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) milk pricing benchmarks fell just one penny short of achieving the first ever $25-plus-across-the-board milk price in U.S. history
June 2 2022
At $27.10 per hundredweight, dairy farmers received a record price for their milk in April 2022. This is the first time the All-Milk price pushed past either the $26 or the $27 threshold
May 30 2022
“Putin’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine has cut off a critical source of wheat, corn, barley, oilseeds, and cooking oil, and we’ve heard from many producers who want to better understand...
May 26 2022
While planters were rolling fast and furious this past week, corn planting has been running a bit behind the five-year trend. This year’s cool, wet spring is partly to blame
May 19 2022
It’s official — the 4.01% butterfat level posted in 2021 broke the previous 3.98% butterfat record set both in 1944 and 1945
May 16 2022
For back-to-back months, USDA held its 2022 All-Milk price forecast in a tight one-nickel range from $25.75 to $25.80 per hundredweight (cwt)
May 12 2022
A $2.25 drop in per hundredweight (cwt.) pay price. . . that’s a substantial price reduction. That’s doubly true when the shift occurred in less than a three-month window
May 10 2022
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the May 2022 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
May 9 2022
After bottoming out at $1,140 per head in April 2019, dairy replacements slowly gained value, selling between $1,240 and $1,380 per head over the next four years
May 2 2022
This thief will not physically walk onto your property. However, this silent thief could inflict more damage via disrupted operations and financial harm than most physical intruders. The F
April 21 2022
Steel prices had been falling this year.Then Russia invaded Ukraine and created upheaval in pig iron markets as values for this important ingredient to manufacture finished steel
April 18 2022
Multiple component pricing has been the mechanism that has established the value for the supermajority of the nation’s milk since the Federal Milk Marketing Order reforms