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Oct. 15 2018
If you milk cows for a living, no one needs to tell you that milk checks have been downright terrible
Oct. 10 2018
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for October 10, 2018 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Oct. 8 2018
Whether you are dairy farming in America or New Zealand, milkfat is back in a big way
Oct. 8 2018
Volunteers. These dedicated dairy souls have been the heartbeat of World Dairy Expo since its very inception in 1967
Oct. 6 2018
Kyle Barton of Copake, New York was named the 15th Merle Howard Award winner at World Dairy Expo on Saturday, October 6
Oct. 5 2018
Klussendorf Winner, Adam Liddle Adam Liddle of Arygle, N.Y., was named the 77th winner of the Klussendorf Award, the highest recognition given to a dairy cattle showman in the United States
Oct. 5 2018
Evan Creek of Hagerstown, Md., was presented the 28th Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award during the 52nd World Dairy Expo, in memory of Duncan MacKenzie, the 1961 Klussendorf winner
Oct. 1 2018
As the Mother Teresa of World Dairy Expo, Dr. Sheila McGuirk has brought many cows back from the brink of death
Sept. 26 2018
WITH A $16.40 AVERAGE for the final three months of 2018, Class III milk futures have been trading near contract highs. January to August 2019 averaged near $16.10 per cwt. at the magazine’s close
Sept. 24 2018
When Dr. Sheila McGuirk earned her degree in veterinary medicine, there were not many practicing women veterinarians
Sept. 24 2018
A 2-pound drop in per capita dairy product consumption marks the first decline in domestic consumption since 2012 and 2013
Sept. 17 2018
Italy surrendered to the Allies in World War II. That historic world event took place in 1943 . . . 75 years ago
Sept. 17 2018
“Why are we doing this?”“What are the priorities?”Those are the questions that Dr. Sheila McGuirk asked herself when dealing with cancer, an accident, or someone else’s health
Sept. 10 2018
Sheila McGuirk, D.V.M., called a 1982 interview for a founding position on the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine faculty “a heaven-sent interview.”
Chancellor Rebecca Blank
Sept. 10 2018
Named after legendary dairy-industry icon Stephen Babcock . . . Babcock Hall, which facilitates some of the world’s most cutting-edge dairy product research, will be reborn
Sept. 10 2018
While many people many know that Dr. Sheila McGuirk played a pivotal role in showring ethics and implementing the new dairy cattle check-in process, those same people may not know that she biked coast...
Sept. 10 2018
While some dairy farmers would still like to see highly visible dairy advertising spots, those initiatives had become feel-good campaigns yielding little in the way of new product sales. The revamped
Sept. 3 2018
“When a cow in the first parity gives birth to a stillborn calf, that animal is three times more likely to leave the herd in the first 14 days immediately after calving,” said Michael van...
Sept. 3 2018
Some call Sheila McGuirk, D.V.M., the Mother Teresa of World Dairy Expo. It’s likely because the veterinarian has a distinct love for dairy cattle and their owners
Aug. 31 2018
In the passing of Maurice “Maury” Core and “William “Bill” Ahlem, the Jersey family lost two of its great leaders