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Jan. 10 2022
“High milk prices won’t look as good as they have in the past, as rising costs and difficulties in processing and marketing continue through the new year,” shared Roger Cryan
Jan. 6 2022
On May 25, 2021, dairy products became the first commodity placed before the dispute resolution panel in the newly established U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)
Jan. 3 2022
“The most profitable parts of the U.S. in 2022 could be the Northwest and Northeast, but smaller farms in those regions won’t participate in the success,” predicted Aidan Connolly, president...
Jan. 3 2022
November’s $20.80 All-Milk price posted in the most recent Agricultural Prices yielded the smallest Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) payments of the year at 36 cents per hundredweight (cwt.) for farmers
Dec. 30 2021
Beginning in February 2022, seven pieces of machinery at the Port of Los Angeles — including a crane, machines that offload containers, and trucks — will be powered by hydrogen
Dec. 30 2021
Since 2014, the European Union has been the world’s dominant supplier for skim milk powder (SMP). “However, this year, U.S. exports of SMP are expected to surpass EU shipments,”
Dec. 29 2021
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the January 10, 2022, issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Dec. 23 2021
When it comes to dairy, all involved are doing their part to ensure milk meets the highest safety standard and that antibiotic resistance is held at bay.How do we know that’s true?
Dec. 20 2021
The global milk production forecast calls for minimal growth from New Zealand and the European Union, the world’s top two dairy export markets
Dec. 16 2021
As it turns out, a daily dose of yogurt could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to better managing and reducing high blood pressure
Dec. 14 2021
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the December 2021 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Dec. 9 2021
After several delays at the Office of Management and Budget, USDA finally opened the door to begin enrollment for 2022 Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) on Monday, December 13
Dec. 2 2021
Even though the percentage of dairy fat going into the cheese vat slipped to the lowest share since 2014, cheese is the clear leader when it comes absorbing dairy fat among dairy products
Nov. 29 2021
“Dairy has gone from garnish to hero at places such as Taco Bell due to our collaborative partnerships,” explained Paul Ziemnisky during the Dairy Management Inc. (DMI)
Nov. 24 2021
The nation’s signature animal care and milk quality program, which demonstrates to customers and consumers alike that dairy farmers are upholding the highest standards
Nov. 22 2021
“At $67 billion, dairy is the biggest category in the U.S. retail food business,” shared Paul Ziemnisky. However, in retail channels, dairy is more than products made from cow’s milk
Nov. 19 2021
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the November 2021 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Nov. 18 2021
Panelists: Alex Peterson (NDB), Barb O'Brien (DMI), Jim Mulhurn (NMPF), and Krysta Harden (USDEC)“Exports are on track for a record year,” shared Jim Mulhern, who is the CEO and president of...
Nov. 15 2021
Dubai. Not only is it one of the largest metropolitan centers in the Middle East with its 5 million-plus people, but it could also be considered the pearl of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Nov. 11 2021
“This is the chef’s biggest asset,” said Sunjeh Raja, pointing to the screen.That screen portrayed a Certified USA Cheese Specialist certificate bearing the name of one of the 646 chefs