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Aug. 10 2020
Negative producer price differentials (PPDs) reared its ugly head in June milk checks and will reappear in July
Aug. 6 2020
Could California’s civil war over quota have a somewhat civil sunset? The potential does exist
July 30 2020
The next chapter in California’s civil war over quota was written after Administrative Law Judge Timothy Aspinwall concluded, “ . . . the Petition is legally defective and should not be advanced...
July 27 2020
With 84% of all milk in the Upper Midwest Federal Milk Marketing Order heading to the cheese vat, it stands to reason that milk components would hold a higher value in dairy farmer milk checks
July 16 2020
As cheese prices soared to new records, frustration levels boiled over in the countryside
July 16 2020
June milk checks carried a dose of unwelcome pricing news
July 15 2020
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the July 2020 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
July 9 2020
$17.65 — that was the average cost of production for 283 dairy farms enrolled in the Minnesota Farm Business Management (FBM) project in 2019
July 6 2020
It’s official, Class III milk headed to the cheese vat will be priced far higher than all other classes. That’s because the cheese markets rallied in short order
July 2 2020
The 2020 dairy cattle show season has become a sad state of affairs
June 29 2020
Class III milk, not Class I, likely will be the price leader in June milk checks. That’s a rare occurrence as Class I beverage milk is typically the market leader
June 26 2020
Finely tuned rations, stringent milking procedures, and compliance to sound reproductive protocols all lead to well-run dairies. In journalism, the same can be said of a watchful eye that carefully reviews...
June 18 2020
“This is promising.” That’s the quote from Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician at John Hopkins University Center for Health Security
June 15 2020
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the June 2020 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
June 11 2020
Typically, dairy sales are comprised of a 50-50 split between food service venues (restaurants) and retail outlets (grocery stores). Of course, that all changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic
June 8 2020
The past three months brought unprecedented volatility to dairy markets due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is unprecedented, because CME Class III futures traded at both the lower and upper market limits
June 4 2020
“Dairy markets are no longer volatile, they’re violent.” Those words emanated out of Mike North’s mouth and set into my brain as if instantly etched in stone
June 4 2020
In dairy show circles, World War II caused 1943, 1944, and 1945 to become known simply as “The war years.”
June 1 2020
Dairy farmers will definitely need to make a trip to their respective USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)
May 28 2020
Even though a bankruptcy court awarded a majority of the assets from the former Dean Foods Company to Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and Prairie Farms, all is not settled