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June 26 2017
Dairy farmers earned 28 cents for every dollar spent by U.S consumers in 2016, according to scientists at USDA’s Economic Research Service
June 19 2017
When was the last time you gave any thought to how much milk might be in your bulk tank? There’s a program sponsored by the Northeast Federal Milk Marketing Order that definitively answers...
June 19 2017
From 2010 to 2016, three states accounted for 44 percent of growth in U.S. milk production. Three guesses as to the names of those three states? Hint: Think very traditional dairy areas
June 15 2017
As printed in our June 2017 issue . . .CLASS III FUTURES CLIMBED 15 CENTS during early April to late May trading to average $16.90 per cwt. for the remainder of 2017
June 12 2017
It may have been only $15 per cow, but at least it was a positive number in 2016 for the 457 dairy farms in the Farm Credit East financial survey
June 12 2017
Either way you slice it . . . on a per cow or per hundredweight basis . . . dairy farms lost money in all seven Western states
June 5 2017
Starting this July, federal and state regulators will start a new pilot program to test bulk milk tank trucks for tetracycline and its entire family of antibiotics
June 5 2017
For the fourth time in the current milk season, Fonterra Cooperative leaders raised milk prices for its dairy farmers. Of course that milk season began in August
May 29 2017
Pasteurization — the process of heating a liquid, in this case milk, to kill bacteria — works. There are centuries of science to back up that notion
May 22 2017
Now entering its third year, the process to establish a Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) potentially cleared another hurdle
May 22 2017
It’s been a little over a month since news broke about one Wisconsin dairy processor shedding dozens of dairy farm patrons due to lost markets north of the border
May 15 2017
“We can solve global lameness by preventing three hoof lesions,” Nigel Cook explained to those attending the 13th Western Dairy Management Conference held in Reno, Nev
May 15 2017
“If my death loss in cows is above 3 percent, I should know why those deaths are taking place,” stated Frank Garry, a veterinarian from Colorado State University
May 12 2017
As printed in our April 25, 2017 issue . . .CLASS III FUTURES SHOWED IMPROVEMENT, climbing by 30 cents from late-April to mid-May trading. At a $16.45 average for the remainder of the year, September�
May 10 2017
THE DAIRY TRADE DISPUTE between the U.S. and Canada continues to garner national and international headlines with New Zealand and Australia now joining the U.S. in challenging Canada’s new tar
May 8 2017
California is indeed the breadbasket, or perhaps the cornucopia, to the world. Consider this: An impressive 57 agricultural products from the state were given individual listing on a sub-list with $18
May 8 2017
Since the mid-1990s when ovsynch first came on the scene, reproductive technologies have greatly expanded when it comes to cows getting safe in calf
May 1 2017
If there is ever a time that cows experience more stress, it’s during the transition period. That’s the time just before, during, and after a cow has a calf
April 25 2017
As printed in our April 25, 2017 issue . . .SOME U.S. PROCESSORS SHED PATRONS after Canadian authorities shut down market access to ultra-filtered milk sales. According to a February 24, 2017, B
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April 24 2017
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