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Dec. 4 2017
“For us, the Pocket Cow Card on the phone and tablet is a great reference tool when out among the herd,” said Jake Weisenbeck when discussing how his farm tracks heats, breeding records, and...
Nov. 27 2017
“We ultrasound cows at 33 days carried calf to determine pregnancy. Pregnant cows are given a second ultrasound at 60 days carried calf to confirm pregnancy, determine fetal sex, and to check for...
Nov. 27 2017
“Dairy and cotton have been targeted as the two commodity programs for improvements in the next Farm Bill,” said Paul Bleiberg
Nov. 20 2017
At the mid-year point, only two of the eight dairy regions serviced by Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants posted negative returns
Nov. 20 2017
“Our voluntary waiting period or VWP is 77 days for all cows. A few years ago, we backed up the VWP almost a full week,” explained Jeff McNeely. “After moving it back, we haven’t...
Nov. 15 2017
As printed in our November 2017 issue . . . FOR 45 STRAIGHT MONTHS, U.S. MILK FLOW has expanded. Overall, 17 of the 23 major dairy states produced more milk in September with Texas up 10 percent
Nov. 13 2017
“All heifers are bred four times and flagged as a do not breed (DNB) on our Dairy Comp 305 computer program after their fourth breeding. If open, they are sold,” explained Kurt Wierda
Nov. 13 2017
“Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has helped export 55.1 million pounds of American-style cheese in 2017,” said Jim Tillison (shown at right), who works with the National Milk Producers...
Nov. 6 2017
“Every fresh cow is enrolled in an aggressive postpartum program, including in-depth 12-day rectal temperature tracking,” said Gary de Graaff, a Platinum winner of the DCRC awards competition
Nov. 6 2017
Dairy replacement prices fell 24 percent, or $510 in the last four years
Oct. 30 2017
When it comes to organic food sales, dairy is big business. That’s based on looking directly at organic sales from farms — before products reach processors
Oct. 30 2017
We frequently receive the question — do dairy farmers receive adequate returns on investment from state, regional, and national dairy promotion activities? Yes. That’s the short answer
Oct. 25 2017
A NEW MILK PRICE CYCLE COULD BEGIN early next year, predicted the IFCN Dairy Research Network and its dairy economists located in 95 countries
Oct. 23 2017
Health Canada may recommend less meat and dairy in its next Food Guide for Canadians
Oct. 23 2017
Henk de Vor’s ability to make a quick assessment and take decisive action was put to the full test on June 22 and 23, 2015, after a tornado ripped apart his dairy
Oct. 16 2017
U.S. cheese consumption reached a record 36.6 pounds per capita. That means every American is drinking 366 pounds of fluid milk in the form of cheese
Oct. 16 2017
Florida dairy farmers could lose $12 million due to Hurricane Irma.
Oct. 10 2017
In our October 10, 2017 issue . . .WITH DAIRY COW NUMBERS UP 71,000 head over the past 12 months, milk production continued to expand this August and reached 18.1 billion pounds, nationally. Of the to
Oct. 9 2017
Even with whole milk sales climbing 5.4 percent in 2016, the entire fluid milk category fell for the sixth straight year, reported USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service
Oct. 7 2017
Wisconsin’s Dawson Nickels Wins 2017 Merle Howard Award