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Jan. 25 2020
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the January 25, 2020 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Jan. 20 2020
Wisconsin lost 10.1% of its dairy farms during 2019. However, those losses were disproportional and directly depended on the type of market served — Grade A or Grade B dairy farms
Jan. 13 2020
There’s been a stark contrast in dairy processing circles in the past 60 days
Jan. 13 2020
Numerous news outlets, and even those within dairy circles, continue to publish “internet click candy” articles stating Wisconsin has experienced historic dairy farm losses
Jan. 10 2020
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the January 25, 2020 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Jan. 6 2020
When it comes to positive tanker loads of milk for antibiotic residues, dairy farmers collectively reached a new threshold for quality control
Jan. 6 2020
It’s true — 74 farms — just 3.16% of all dairies in the Central Federal Milk Marketing Order — produced half of all the milk shipped within that order this past October
Dec. 30 2019
At one time, the most respected group of bovine veterinarians on the continent lumped dehorning and castration together with comingled guidelines
Dec. 30 2019
When you gather the National Football League (NFL), some of the nation’s leading nutrition and health experts, and dairy farmers, one would hardly expect dairy farmers to draw the loudest applause
Dec. 23 2019
"We talk a lot about what the future might look like for our industry. We, as dairymen, have figured out that keeping cow comfort as a priority is paramount to getting cows safe in calf,” explained...
Dec. 23 2019
“Our image among health professionals has just skyrocketed since we put GENYOUth together,” stated Tom Gallagher
Dec. 17 2019
Just a few months ago, a lifelong dairyman of 50 years suddenly passed away. In reflecting upon the humble farmer who put others and his cattle before himself, the officiant shared his unique perspective...
Dec. 16 2019
“All our protocol lists are set up in drop boxes. Our cow mating is also downloaded into the herd program, so on timed A.I. breeding days we just print the list of cows to breed, and it has the sire...
Dec. 12 2019
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the December 2019 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Dec. 9 2019
“The entire dairy is equipped with headlocks. Lockup time is one of our main focuses, and our goal is 30 minutes or less of lockup time,” said Chris Terra, a Platinum winner of the Dairy Cattle...
Dec. 6 2019
Just one year ago, the top genomic Holstein bull marketed by the artificial insemination (A.I.) industry to dairy breeders stood at $1,105 Cheese Merit (CM$)
Dec. 2 2019
“Cows are watched for heats as soon as the postfresh cows are 25 days in milk (DIM),” said Brian Schilling, a Platinum winner of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s 12th annual awards...
Dec. 2 2019
“We need to commit to leading and developing new markets,” said Randy Mooney
Nov. 25 2019
“Double ovsynch is our choice of presynch method for all first services. We have tried other synch programs and have even gone without a synch program, but no alternatives have delivered the consistent...
Nov. 21 2019
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for the November 2019 issue of Hoard's Dairyman