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Nov. 26 2018
"Three people on our dairy handle all the breeding — Rick and Ingrid Portena and Jesse Boyd. We have alternating weekends between Rick, Ingrid, and Jesse,” said Rick Portena from Pendora Dairy...
Nov. 19 2018
"All cows enter the presynch program. All repeat breeders confirmed at herd check are enrolled in ovsynch,” said Steve Paider, dairy manager for Seidl’s Mountain View Dairy of Luxemburg, Wis
Nov. 19 2018
Japan. It’s one of the world’s highest-value markets, meaning that U.S. dairy farmers and processors can realize high returns when selling products there
Nov. 15 2018
Three themes — the dairy economy, trade, and plant-based imitators — prevailed above all others at this year’s joint annual meeting of the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board
Nov. 12 2018
“Every cow is given prostaglandin (Lutalyse) at 21 to 24 days in milk (DIM) to eliminate metritis or endometritis,” said Andy Schilling of Schilling Dairy in Darlington, Wis
Nov. 12 2018
Many Americans know that the U.S. is home to some of the world’s finest cheeses. However, if one travels beyond America’s borders, that story becomes fainter
Nov. 8 2018
THE MILK MARGIN ABOVE FEED COSTS improved to a 2018 best of $8.26 per cwt. this September as determined by the MPP-Dairy formula. Even so, it remained lower than any month in the previou
Nov. 5 2018
“I walk the pens three times a day — after morning chores, noon, and after night chores. Usually during those calm times of the day, I can catch most of the active cows,” said Jeffrey...
Nov. 5 2018
“Milk prices are top of mind for dairy producers,” said Marilyn Hershey, a Pennsylvania dairy woman who is chair of the Dairy Management Inc. board of directors
Oct. 29 2018
This week marks the end of an era, as California’s state milk pricing order will reach its final sunset
Oct. 25 2018
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for October 25, 2018 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Oct. 19 2018
More cheese, please.That’s been the collective response from U.S. consumers who now eat 10 more pounds of cheese when compared to just 20 years ago
Oct. 15 2018
The collective bargaining clout of the nation’s top 50 cooperatives continued to grow in 2017
Oct. 15 2018
If you milk cows for a living, no one needs to tell you that milk checks have been downright terrible
Oct. 10 2018
Dairy News as reported in the Washington Dairygrams for October 10, 2018 issue of Hoard's Dairyman
Oct. 8 2018
Whether you are dairy farming in America or New Zealand, milkfat is back in a big way
Oct. 8 2018
Volunteers. These dedicated dairy souls have been the heartbeat of World Dairy Expo since its very inception in 1967
Oct. 6 2018
Kyle Barton of Copake, New York was named the 15th Merle Howard Award winner at World Dairy Expo on Saturday, October 6
Oct. 5 2018
Klussendorf Winner, Adam Liddle Adam Liddle of Arygle, N.Y., was named the 77th winner of the Klussendorf Award, the highest recognition given to a dairy cattle showman in the United States
Oct. 5 2018
Evan Creek of Hagerstown, Md., was presented the 28th Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award during the 52nd World Dairy Expo, in memory of Duncan MacKenzie, the 1961 Klussendorf winner