Serving up their first meal
Calves pay the price for dirty colostrum New!
What's in colostrum these days
Pasteurizing colostrum: the next step to controlling disease
Photoperiod won't hinder or help good colostrum
Colostrometers aren't just for scientists anymore

Calf Health

What hits calves when
Keep newborns healthy and safe
Dealing with diarrhea
Keeping ahead of calf diarrhea problems
Staying ahead of crypto
Video on disbudding (dehorning) using paste
Click to see the video on dehorning, presented by the AVMA.

Calf Housing

Two heads are better than one New!
Air tubes gain ground New!
Calf barns can equal hutches
Were you born in a barn?
Top five considerations for superior calf housing
Bringing past success to the new calf barn
We may switch from hutches to calf barn
Keep calves healthy with proper hutch design and location
Be sure calf hutches always have enough bedding
Individual hutches and bottle feeding reduce infections

Calf Feeding

Feed to meet their potential New!
Invest in your calves
Transition periods aren't just for your dry cows
How good is your waste milk?
What we learned from an automatic calf feeder
Early weaning is best way to cut calf costs
Early weaning saves you time and money
She's weaned . . . now what?
Calf raising is improving . . . but slowly
Calves are what they eat
How your calves grow


Heifer Feeding

Shortcuts will shortchange heifers
We can improve feed efficiency in heifers
Cold weather impedes calf growth
What do your fresh heifers cost you?
Heifers are still too old at calving
Heifer raising and its effects on udder development
Eight ideas to reduce heifer expenses
How are those heifers doing . . . really?
Struggling with how big heifers should be
Limit feeding heifers. . . what we've learned and what we recommend
Round Table: Heifer growers and their customers speak out
Have you considered a TMR for your heifers?

Heifer Breeding

Heifer timed A.I. may benefit average heat detectors
Multiple options to consider when breeding heifers
Handy Hint: When to breed heifers

Heifers - Miscellaneous

Heifer exporters should limit disease incidence
Heat stress shortchanges heifers
Heifers need their own spaceNew

A six-part series on heifer-raising

Caring for calves an expensive business
Feed expenses eat heifer-raising budgets
There's nothing equal when raising heifers
Big spread exists on hours needed to raise calves
In just nine years. . . heifer-raising costs jumped over 50 percent
Options exist to reduce expenses

A three-part series on heifer-raising costs New!

Calf care takes money and time
Feed costs consume heifer rearing expenses
Heifer raising costs continue climbing upward