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After hovering between 220,000 and 222,000 somatic cells per milliliter from 2012 to 2014, somatic cell counts dropped to 208,000 on a weighted average in the Upper Midwest Federal Milk Marketing Order. Over the past decade that represented a reduction from 280,000 in 2006 to last year's 208,000 total.

As for variation between the states in the Upper Midwest order:
North Dakota, 190,000 somatic cell count (SCC)
Wisconsin, 203,000 SCC
Michigan Upper Peninsula, 213,000 SCC
Iowa, 215,000 SCC
Minnesota, 216,000 SCC
South Dakota, 216,000 SCC
Illinois, 216,000 SCC

Four months netted somatic cell counts under 200,000 in the Upper Midwest:
November, 197,000 SCC
December, 197,000 SCC
April, 199,000 SCC
May, 198,000 SCC

Meanwhile, August was the highest month at 225,000 SCC followed closely by September at 224,000.

To read the full report, Analysis of component levels and somatic cell count in individual herd milk at the farm level 2015 by Corey Freije, click here for the 2015 Component Levels in Milk or visit the Federal Milk Marketing Order 30's home page under staff papers.

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August 22, 2016
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