The Allen Hetts Family.

If World Dairy Expo had a founding family, it was Allen Hetts, his wife, Doris, and their children.

While Allen was the unofficial first president of what became the world's greatest dairy show, Doris and their children provided a great deal of support. That support not only helped Allen keep the farm running while he was at planning meetings, but it was instrumental in making key contacts to grow the show as well.

To learn more directly from Doris Hetts and her sons, Roy and Rodney, listen to this historic 7-minute audio clip and view images in the above video detailing how the international aspect of World Dairy Expo began to blossom.

Recorded exactly two years ago, the audio is from a meeting at the home of Roy Hetts in Fort Atkinson, Wis., during a manuscript review for We Need A Show, the 212-page book on the 50 years of World Dairy Expo. The commentary at the end is from yours truly, co-editor of the book.

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September 5, 2016
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