Tom and Sandy Morris have experienced World Dairy Expo from nearly every angle. Each of their families were consigners to the first sale that gave seed money for the World Food & Agricultural Exposition that transformed into World Dairy Expo. Since that time, the couple has experienced the event from nearly every angle as early dairy cattle exhibitors, sale managers, trade show exhibitors, and now leaders of the show.

Our team recently interviewed Tom and Sandy on their life experience at World Dairy Expo and they shared their take on the future of the show. Click here to read the full feature, “They’ve seen the show from every angle.” Over the next six weeks leading up to World Dairy Expo, we will include bonus coverage with Tom and Sandy.

Question: In 1989, you took over the management of the World Premier Holstein Sale and renamed it the World Classic and have been conducting the sales ever since. Which World Classics over the years are special to you?

Tom: Over the years, we have created our own problem in outdoing the previous year. Some of that took place because when we went into the Coliseum, we looked at each other and said, “We have lights. We have a heated facility. We have comfy seats. We have a public address system second to none. With all these attributes, why don’t we have a snappy introduction to the sale?”

Phyllis Agnew has been so wonderful leading the national anthem, both the Canadian and American.

The 2001 sale certainly touched me because when the staff came up with the opening, I thought it wasn’t really a good idea. But boy, it turned into a fantastic idea due to the 9/11 crisis.

After a moving tribute to 9/11 and America, the sales force disembarked from a stretch limousine ringside followed by the Lot #1 baby calf!

The 2010 medieval theme would probably be daughter Moriah’s favorite. From her perch in the announcer’s stand above, she was able to introduce her brother Adam as he stood in the sale ring proclaiming “Hear ye, hear ye” while wearing green tights!

Sandy: The baseball theme stands out to me, particularly because it was my idea. I especially enjoyed seeing Brian Garrison trying to catch the opening pitch, but he had to take his glasses off to wear the catcher’s mask, so he couldn’t see.

It’s always a struggle every year to decide what the opening is going to be. Of course, Tom working as he does, never comes up with ideas in July. It’s always down to the wire, so that’s stressed my life at times. I finally learned to realize it will come together and to quit worrying about it.

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August 28, 2017

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