I placed this class of Guernseys B-C-D-A. B wins the class with her overall dairy quality and bloom to the udder. She is more feminine about the head, is longer in the neck, and sharper across the top line. B is also cleaner about the hock and possesses a more refined bone. B is higher and wider at the top of the rear udder. She also has a stronger udder cleft. I do find C exhibits more length from end to end and shows more depth in both fore and rear rib.

In a closer placing, C places over D, having a more correct slope from hips to pins. C is cleaner through the brisket and shows more curvature in the thighs. In addition, she shows more capacity to the mammary system, having a longer fore udder and a higher rear udder. Granted, D has a stronger median suspensory ligament.

D places over A, having an advantage in strength and body capacity. D is wider on the chest floor and exhibits a deeper rib structure with more spring to the ribs. She has a more desirable teat size with less quartering of the udder floor. She stands straighter on her rear legs from the rear view with a stronger pastern. Admittedly, A does have a wider rear udder, but lacks the style and balance to place higher in the class.

About the Judge . . . Chris Reichard

Chris Reichard
New Paris, Pa.
Reichard placed the GUERNSEYS. Raised on a Holstein and Jersey farm in Chambersburg, Pa., Reichard now owns a small herd of 30 Guernseys and a purebred Aberdeen Angus herd with his wife, Beth Clark. The couple’s Misty Meadows Guernseys have garnered over 30 All-American nominations in the past six years, and several have become unanimous All-Americans. A recipient of the Klussendorf-MacKenzie award, Reichard spent two decades preparing cattle for shows, sales, and classifications. He has judged many state and national shows, most recently the National Junior Guernsey Show in Louisville, Ky.