Eating healthier even during a pandemic” received major focus in a seven-page article spread of the February 2021 edition of Consumer Reports. Yogurt and frozen yogurt were among the 10 foods author Rachel Rabkin Peachman deemed “Healthy snacks to keep on hand.”

Yogurt — “Probiotics, protein, calcium, potassium, and magnesium make yogurt one of the best snacks,” wrote Peachman. The Consumer Reports food and dietary experts went on to name a specific name yogurt brand that topped their list, citing it as one of the products lowest in added sugars.

Frozen yogurt — “Fro-yo can have a cleaner ingredient list than even many ‘diet’ ice creams,” wrote Peachman, using frozen yogurt’s nickname. The Consumer Reports team went on to call out a name brand that had “big vanilla and dairy flavors” with only 140 calories and 14 grams of added sugar per two-thirds cup.

Rounding out the 10 healthy foods in the article were: popcorn, nuts, nut butter, energy bars, dark chocolate, granola, legume snacks, and crackers. Those that were winners in each category were either low in sodium, low in added sugars, or had a short ingredient list, making it a “cleaner food.”

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January 14, 2021
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