Chico, California

Key Dairy Activities:

1. Regenerative Agriculture research

2. Behavior and welfare research

3. Organic Dairy Management Team

4. Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance

5. FFA Field Day - milk quality and dairy products

Student Statistics:

Dairy Science major: No

Dairy Option: No

# Dairy Science Students: 0

# Animal Science/Dairy: 436 Animal Science majors Dairy Herd Information:

Our operation is Certified Organic

# cows: 80 cows

Breed(s): Jersey-X (a.k.a. Kiwi)

Student labor: Yes

Used for research: Yes

Course Work:

Internship required for graduation: No, but recommended Assistance finding jobs or agriculture internships: Yes Opportunities to work on dairy farms while attending school: Yes

Courses: Animal Science Apprenticeship at the Organic Dairy Unit, Principles of Dairy Production, Dairy Production and Management, Organic Dairy Production and Management. Our College also offers multiple courses on Agricultural Business and Regenerative Agriculture.

Travel Opportunities:

  • Western Organic Dairy Producer’s Alliance Annual Conference
  • Many classes offer field trips to dairies, processing plants, and other agricultural operations throughout California
  • Competitive traveling teams include Livestock Judging, Meat Judging, Food Marketing, Rangeland Cup, Animal Science Academic Quadrathlon, and more
  • Students engaged in undergraduate research have opportunities to travel to professional conferences and meetings to present their findings