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Afimilk USA Ltd announces the release of two cow monitoring and ID solutions, AfiCollar and AfiPass II. Designed to give dairymen the insight necessary to enhance the health and reproductive performance of dairy cows, AfiCollar uses 24/7 motion pattern monitoring to track rumination, eating and motion, and alter dairymen to changes and possible causes.

“Used with the AfiFarm farm management software, AfiCollar gives dairymen powerful insight to a herd’s health and performance so they can make more informed decisions,” said Jennifer Raboine, Afimilk’s North America Technical Director.

“When it comes to health, we can diagnose earlier, and provide proactive and preventative treatments instead of being burdened with withdrawal periods. When it comes to reproductive performance, we can pinpoint when conception will be the highest during a cycle and allow a cow to be bred off natural heats. Plus, the positive economic impact from the value‐added data creates a fast return on investment while increasing your herd’s welfare.”

As of June 28, 2021, AfiCollar is available for use in parallel parlor, rotary parlor, and sort gate configurations.

The other newly released product, AfiPass II, is Afimilk’s new system for identifying cows with ISO ID ear tags. Combined with AfiFarm software version 5.4 and higher, the AfiPass II delivers robust individual stall ID capabilities for passive identification in parallel parlors and sort gates. Compared to its predecessor, AfiPass II boasts greater ease of calibrating and tuning antennas with individual power settings and decreased installation costs.

“The release of these two new products further signify Afimilk's commitment to advancing farm operations through the continual improvement of cow monitoring and automation technology,” said Scott Oler, General Manager Afimilk North America.

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