The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

The August sire summaries resulted in new genetic leaders with a diversified offering at International Protein Sires (IPS). “Through the recent sire summaries, we are pleased to have new leaders in several sire groups. These new pacesetters offer dairy farmers the genetics to meet their specific demands. And they go well beyond our objective of “Breeding Cows, Not Numbers,” stated Ron Sersland, President, and CEO.

566HO1354 MAKE PEACE holds the IPS leadership ranks at +3013 GTPI. This outstanding sire is identified for high performance and conformation. MAKE PEACE is +1,325 lbs. milk, +96 lbs. (+.15%) fat, and +55 lbs. (+.05%) protein. In addition, MAKE PEACE is +1.48 type and +1.53 UDC. These attributes are complimented with 2.1% calving ease, +5.7 productive life, 2.69 somatic cell score, and +984 NM$. Sired by Fortnite, MAKE PEACE’s dam is a promising young Renegade daughter.

566HO1353 JUDO enters the IPS stables at +2926 GTPI. A high milk and components sire, JUDO is +1,371 lbs. milk, +104 lbs. (+.17%) fat, and +51 lbs. (+.03%) protein. JUDO is ranked in the Top 100 DWP$ genetic sires at $1181 DWP$. He also excels in health traits: +6.4 productive life and +1036 NM$. JUDO is superior for udder traits, including desirable teat placement and teat length. These qualities are enhanced by a strong conception rating and somatic cell score. A Conway son, JUDO is from a super high component Arrowhead daughter.

566HO1358 RIGHT ON-RED is a breed leader for Red Holsteins at +2712 GTPI. He is the only Red & White genomic sire with the superior combination of +1,249 lbs. milk and +2.41 type. Type traits are complimented by +1.98 UDC, and +1.15 FLC. RIGHT ON-RED also racks up high components; +68 lbs. (+.07%) fat and +43 lbs. (+.01%) protein. Additional ratings of +2.2 productive life and 1.6% calving ease solidifies RIGHT ON-RED as a breed leader. RIGHT ON-RED is sired by McDonald and from a young and developing Very Good-87 classified daughter of Altuve.

566HO1359 TELEMARK PP RC is the #1 homozygous polled and red carrier genomic bull at +2798 GTPI. A breed leader to boost components, TELEMARK PP RC is +78 lbs. (+.23%) fat and +43 lbs. (+.12%) protein. This A2A2 dehorning specialist also offers solid conformation; +1.24 type and +1.74 UDC. His positive linear traits for udder are off the charts. In addition, productive life ranks high at +4.3. TELEMARK PP RC is sired by Extra and from a promising young Presley daughter.

566HO1310 CONTRAIRE at +2737 GTPI, is a progeny proven sire. With added daughters, his milk and type ratings continue to elevate. A review shows +1,324 lbs. milk, +82 lbs. (+.11%) fat, and +54 lbs. (+.04%) protein. In addition, CONTRAIRE is +1.52 type and +1.39 UDC. Dairy farmers rave about their durability resulting from strength. Those robust qualities are complimented by his daughter’s high milk average; 32,617M, 1,324F, and 1,039P. A balanced breed improver, CONTRAIRE is sired by Hotline and from an Octoberfest daughter.

These quality genetic improvements diversify the IPS Holstein line up. They assure long lasting high performing dairy cattle for the most discerning dairy farmer. IPS semen is available in North America and around the world from company employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, additional information is available through the IPS website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593