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Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, one of the largest dairy co-ops in the country, today urged the U.S. Senate to confirm nominees for three key roles at the Department of Agriculture.

The Senate Agriculture Committee held a hearing for Dr. Jose Emilio Esteban as undersecretary of agriculture for food safety, Vincent Garfield Logan as a member of the Farm Credit Administration Board and Alexis Taylor as undersecretary of agriculture for trade and foreign agricultural affairs.

Brody Stapel, president of the cooperative, made the following statement:

“Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and our members are pleased to see the committee start the process of placing these clearly qualified nominees in their roles at USDA. It is important that critical positions such as these are filled as soon as possible for the sake of the farmers and rural Americans USDA serves. We encourage the committee and full Senate to finish the process by promptly scheduling votes to approve these nominees."