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The dairy checkoff’s “Reset Yourself with Dairy” campaign earned a best-in-class International Milk Promotions (IMP) Trophy at the recent International Dairy Federation’s World Dairy Summit 2022 in India, winning against finalist campaigns from France and Switzerland.

The IMP Trophy competition showcases the best international generic advertising campaigns created in the areas of innovation, nutrition marketing and marketing communications. It’s been 11 years since a U.S. organization was recognized with an award.

“Reset Yourself with Dairy” was launched by Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) in October of 2021 as an evolution of the checkoff’s “Undeniably Dairy” campaign. The goal was to create deeper connections between Gen Z (ages 10 to 24) and dairy and give these consumers new reasons to choose it over other products.

“Reset Yourself with Dairy” uses a variety of media channels and marketing strategies to grow trust and sales, including gaming, social media influencers and humorous digital content to engage with Gen Z in new and relevant ways. Core to the message are dairy’s contributions related to immunity, calm, energy and digestive health, which are important to this consumer segment.

“In 2021, we set out to show Gen Z that dairy is a solution for modern wellness – good for the body and the mind,” said Barbara O’Brien, who serves as CEO and president of DMI. “We knew we needed to push for bold ideas grounded in smart strategy and effective, modern marketing, while remembering a healthy dose of humor goes a long way in connecting with today’s youth culture.”

“Reset Yourself With Dairy” content has appeared on Spotify, where Gen Z heads for music and podcasts, and across YouTube and Google video searches and via television streaming providers including Hulu, Roku and Vevo.

There also has been continued outreach to the gaming community where the checkoff is working with Twitch, which has about 15 million users daily. The content has been available on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat and the checkoff is working with social media influencers, who Gen Z finds to be authentic. The effort also includes a partnership with Kroger Digital and Instacart for content that has appeared in their retail apps and mobile sites.

Additionally, the campaign has had activations on about 400 college campuses, including on TV screens in recreation centers and cafeterias.

The World Dairy Summit is an annual meeting of the global dairy sector, bringing together approximately 1,500 participants, including CEOs and employees of dairy processing companies, farmers, suppliers, academics, government representatives and more.

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