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As the world’s population grows, the need for a sustainable food supply also increases. Working to meet this need, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production recently announced the start of their sustainability journey. This journey focuses on how the company can help customers and the industry meet their sustainability goals by providing products that are empowering and enable them to meet their sustainability targets.

“At ARM & HAMMER™ we have an obligation and an opportunity to work alongside our customers on their journey,” says Ben Towns, Director, Global Business. “Our sustainability plan establishes priorities and formalizes the actions we’ve taken on sustainability-related issues in the past, while also acknowledging how our customers look to us to support their existing sustainability programs.”

This #ScienceHearted sustainability journey focuses on three equally important pillars—the commitment to responsible animal production, the commitment to the environment, and a commitment to meeting the needs of people.

Commitment to Responsible Animal Production

ARM & HAMMER has committed to furthering responsible animal production by providing better overall animal health and nutrition, providing non-antibiotic solutions to reduce the use of antibiotics in food production, and increasing animal welfare.

To ensure animals are receiving the best care possible, ARM & HAMMER commits to providing training and resources within the next 18 months to its team of sales and technical professionals who are in direct contact with animals.

Commitment to the Environment

As part of its commitment to the environment, ARM & HAMMER’s team is working with allied industry associations to identify ways to help their customers reduce their environmental footprint with new technologies.

In addition to these partnerships, ARM & HAMMER commits to continue sourcing sustainably produced raw ingredients such as palm oil.

Commitment to People

Commitment to people starts with securing a safe and wholesome global food supply, which can only be accomplished if those working within the food chain are supported.

The #ScienceHearted team is essential to advancing the vision and mission of Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. The organization commits to offering employees access to the training and development opportunities they need to grow and evolve in their careers and providing opportunities for employees to live healthy and engaging lives through ongoing health and wellness programs.

ARM & HAMMER also provides ongoing resources to organizations and activities that further the success and evolution of the people and businesses within the industry. This includes involvement at many academic institutions as well as associations like The Clear Center, American Feed Industry Association and various species-specific organizations.

“These three pillars will allow us to focus efforts on areas where we can have the greatest impact and make a difference for our customers,” Towns says. “This is just one step in our sustainability journey and we’re looking forward to growing this initiative to align with the ongoing needs of our customers and the industry as a whole.”

To learn more about Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production’s sustainability initiative visit click here or contact Ben Towns, Director, Global Business.