I am a first-generation dairy farmer, and I am so glad to see that you put out the article, “Lack of land pushes young farmers out of ag” on October 6, 2022. I have said before, how can someone like me compete with money from town or farms run by the same people for three or more generations?

I worked for a farmer for a long time before I was finally able to tend a small dairy for seven years until I could buy a farm and build a barn, a process there is no help with. I was told by someone from the USDA that they would help me fix my mistakes but not try to help me do it right the first time. The farmer I worked for said he thinks things are no different from the 1970s, but back then, he paid $300 an acre. Now it’s $3,000. A tractor was $8,000 and now it is $80,000; the list goes on and on. We know what milk price and feed costs are compared to the 1970s. How long can we make it with these margins?

Name withheld, Missouri
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