Oct. 20 2022 04:03 PM

Munters CX74 delivers an impressive airflow thrust cfm of 58,320 and is the latest American made innovation from the global leader in agricultural ventilation systems

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Munters Corporation unveils their latest design, the CX74 Circulation Fan, at the World Dairy Expo, the meeting place of the global dairy industry.

Munters, the leader in premium climate control agricultural solutions for over 70 years, designed, engineered and built CX74 with locally sourced vendors to handle the conditions of a modern dairy operation. The propeller design maximizes airflow and centerline velocity and the robust 182-frame-premium-motor to ensure top performance and longevity

“Animal comfort is critical to productivity,” said Scott Mulka, product manager for Munters Corporation. “We designed and engineered CX74 to produce a large volume of air and a higher centerline velocity to deliver a large volume of air to the herd quickly.”

The primary application for CX74 fans is in the dairy market in both naturally ventilated and tunnel ventilated barns, which use a combination of exhaust fans and circulation fans. Heat stress can create substantial economic effects on milking cows. According to Joe Armstrong, DVM, Extension cattle production systems educator and Kevin Janni, Extension bioproducts and biosystems engineer with the University of Minnesota, a mild case of heat stress can reduce milk production by 2.5 pounds of milk per head per day and a severe case can reduce milk production by 10 pounds of milk per day per head, and even cause death.

Features on the belt drive fan include:

  • Airflow 58,320 thrust cfm
  • Efficacy 23.6 thrust cfm/watt
  • 182-frame premium motor provides an efficient performance and longevity
  • Chain or pipe mount hanging kits available for multiple ways to mount the fan
  • Durable fiberglass housing gives you long life and aerodynamic air intake to provide the highest airflow
  • Guard Kit available separately

CX74 with belt drive is available immediately. Information about the new product is available on our website. Additionally, Munters provides sales and engineering support to help with ventilation design based on customer’s specific operations.