Oct. 20 2022 04:18 PM

MagStream system improves efficiency, udder health

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Vacuum fluctuation during milk monitoring not only creates discomfort in cows, it can increase incidents of mastitis and other issues with udder health. A new product partnership at BouMatic aims to change that.

Wireless, free-flow milk monitoring is now integrated into BouMatic parlor systems thanks to a partnership with Nedap’s MagStream technology.

“When we’re good to our cows, our cows are good to us,” said Nate McDonald, BouMatic Product Development Manager-Software & Automation. “This is the best system for making cows comfortable and healthy during monitoring, and that’s why BouMatic is partnering with Nedap to provide this to our customers.”

MagStream is a wireless milk monitoring system that operates without the vacuum drops or fluctuations that so often create discomfort for cows. The free-flow technology does not disrupt milk flow, and it provides a number of benefits for dairy operations.

  • It’s gentle.
  • It improves udder health.
  • It results in less free fatty acids.
  • It promotes better milk quality.

The wireless system is easy to install and doesn’t require the removal of the older systems already in place.

“The Nedap MagStream is the first milk meter that is completely wireless. Its free-flow design means teat-end vacuum drops and fluctuations caused by milk meters are a thing of the past,” said Ron Dehli, Nedap Technical Business Development Manager. “Cows are not only more comfortable, they’re also milked faster.”

As part of the partnership, BouMatic will handle product availability, installation, training and tech support for the MagStream milk monitoring systems with customers.

“We’ve worked closely with Nedap to ensure BouMatic employees are experts in this top-of-the-line technology,” McDonald said. “We’re excited to get to work installing this for our customers.”

“This revolutionary design ensures even and unrestricted milk and airflow through the meter. As a result, cows are milked more gently, quickly and completely, improving udder health and milk quality including reduced free fatty acids,” Dehli said. “MagStream meters offer dairy farms of all sizes accurate and consistent data to help ensure each cow in the herd is profitable and that every stall counts.”

For more information, customers should contact their BouMatic dealer.

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