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DLF Pickseed is proud to announce it has unified its brand and business under the name DLF - the global market leader in forage and turf seed, in operation for over 100 years.

“This evolution synchronizes the influence of DLF’s highly recognized regional brands into a common, stronger identity,” said Neil Douglas, executive vice president, DLF North America. “As DLF, our North American voice becomes amplified, empowered, and important on the global seed stage.”

To ensure DLF continually stays ahead of the market arc, in concert with its brand consolidation, the company moved from geographical divisions to functional groups, creating leadership-by-function to bond its teams together versus dividing them by country. The new structure allows for collaboration across operations and shared services that are foundational to sustainable growth and customer success.

“By aligning our brand and approach, we are well positioned to meet customer demands and deliver new value into the future,” said Douglas. “We can better leverage the groups’ strengths and synergies to continue to lead and innovate.”

Customers will continue to have access to the same products, brands, and staff as they do today. The new alignment does however bring greater availability to enhanced services, tools, and support by allowing DLF to focus its resources.

“As a true North American company our sphere of influence expands greatly. We can deliver substantial product innovation and solve complex challenges as part of a global organization committed to R&D, our customers, and our planet,” added Douglas.

While the company looks ahead, there is also an important history to recognize. “The Pickseed brand has a strong legacy in several of the markets we serve, and we will continue to honor it as we evolve,” said Douglas. “We are excited to build upon what has been created over the last century.”