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UNIFORM-Agri, a global leader in herd management software, and DairyLive, a USA based herd management software provider, announced today that UNIFORM-Agri has acquired DairyLive. The acquisition of this well-established provider delivers long-term stability for DairyLive users and accelerates UNIFORM-Agri’s plan for increased presence in the Western Hemisphere.

About 20 years ago, the DairyLive herd management program was developed by Dan Sanderson in Wisconsin. What this small organization achieved is quite admirable but with retirement on the horizon, an agreement has been reached for UNIFORM-Agri to take over the care of DairyLive users.

UNIFORM-Agri is a well-known herd management software developer and supplier for over 35 years and active in many countries around the globe. In addition to integrations to all main milking systems and on-farm animal sensor systems, UNIFORM-Agri offers direct quality service, in many languages, to UNIFORM users globally.

UNIFORM-Agri is committed to the same high standards of product quality and customer commitment that DairyLive users are accustomed to receiving. UNIFORM-Agri is confident this acquisition poses numerous benefits for existing DairyLive users who can choose to continue using DairyLive, or easily transition to UNIFORM with thorough data migration from DairyLive. In cooperation with Sanderson, the utmost attention will be given to the data migration process. Users gain access to advanced functions, reporting and integrations with milking, activity and feeding systems. The specialized UNIFORM support team is looking forward to working with DairyLive users and distributors around the world.