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As originally reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin Dairy Alliance member Larry Dufek of Dairyland Farms is working towards converting manure into diesel and jet fuel.

The move is a win-win as it reduces methane pollution and would provide an alternative fuel source. According to Dufek, "[o]ur main goal is to reduce our carbon footprint on our dairy. I'll help develop the technology any way I can."

Members of the Wisconsin Dairy Alliance and Venture Dairy Cooperative make it their life's work to innovate and improve farm processes to cut down on waste and emissions while also solving problems, such as fuel shortages. Even though CAFOs are the most highly regulated types of farms our farmers are constantly trying out or creating technologies that improve the environment.

Under this plan, the waste is utilized in a way that reduces emissions and provides alternative fuel - goals that environmental activists have been calling for for ages. However, it is clear from the article that for some out-of-state, anti-agricultural groups, no action will ever be enough until there are no CAFOs - a completely unsustainable and irrational goal for the Dairy State. They do not want solutions but want eradication.

WDA and VDC are immensely proud of our members and their innovation and will continue to highlight their incredible work protecting the environment, improving animal welfare, and streamlining processes for more efficient dairy production.

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